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Ancestral Lines of Helen Worthington Gauss, p270

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FALLENSTEIN, Aletta Christiane Luise (1813 - 1883)
GAUSS, Charles William (1813 - 1879)
GAUSS, Carl Friedrich (1777-1855)
for record see pages
GAUSS, Charles Frederick (1838 - 1913) WTGC-p198, WTGC-p206
GAUSS, Maria Sophia Theresa (1840 - 1841) WTGC-p198, WTGC-p207
GAUSS, Oscar William (1842 - 1918) WTGC-p198, WTGC-p208
GAUSS, Mary Louisa (1844 - 1925) WTGC-p198, WTGC-p210
GAUSS, John Bernard (1847 - 1886) WTGC-p198, WTGC-p211
GAUSS, William Theodore (1851 - 1928) WTGC-p198, WTGC-p212, WTGC-p214
GAUSS, Joseph Henry (1855 - 1956) WTGC-p198, WTGC-p215
GAUSS, Louis Fredrick (1855 - 1908) WTGC-p198, WTGC-p216
WORTHINGTON, Helen (1855 - 1933) WTGC-p063, WTGC-p079, WTGC-p123
GAUSS, Carl Friedrich (1878 - 1929) WTGC-p079, WTGC-p096, WTGC-p100, WTGC-p212
GAUSS, Helen Minna Worthington (1881 - 1970) WTGC-p079, WTGC-p097, WTGC-p101, WTGC-p212
GAUSS, William Theodore Worthington (1884 - 1961) WTGC-p079, WTGC-p099, WTGC-p102, WTGC-p212
GAUSS, Helen Worthington (1887 - 1889) WTGC-p079, WTGC-p098, WTGC-p103, WTGC-p212


The William T. Gauss collection is a photocopy of that collection started by William T. Gauss, his wife, Helen Worthington and his cousin, Robert Gauss, and continued by William's daughter Helen Worthington Gauss. One of her cousins, Helen Worthington Sansone, requested and received a photocopy of the original collection. She arranged for an index to be made, but died before it was completed. She belonged to the Daughters of the American Colonists, which donated a photocopy (of the photocopy) to the St. Louis Public Library, where it was bound into a hardback volume. I photocopied that 2nd generation photocopy, then scanned it, but later acquired Helen Worthington Sansone's 1st generation photocopy. Susan 11:25, 31 March 2008 (CDT)

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