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Ancestral Lines of Helen Worthington Gauss, p251

Bessel family tree

Cristoph von Bessel
Johann Bessel
Christopher Leopold Bessel
Johann Ludolph Bessel
Ludolph Friedrich Bessel
Karl Friedrich Bessel
Charlotte Schrader
F Wm Bessel, the Astronomer[1]Carl Bessel
Emma Bessel
Hermine Bessel
Louise Bessel
Lisette Bessel
Louis Bessel
Fallenstein of Erfurt
Henry Fallenstein[2]
Charlotte Bessel
Louisa Aletta Fallenstein[3]
Charles Wm Gauss[4]
Wm Theodore Gauss[5]
Helen Worthington[6]
Carl Friedrich Gauss[7]
Helen (M) Worthington Gauss[8]
Wm Theodore Worthington Gauss[9]
Helen Worthington Gauss[10]

  1. BESSEL, Friedrich Wilhelm (1784 – 1846)
  2. Henry Fallenstein was a Lutheran minister.
  3. FALLENSTEIN, Aletta Christiane Luise (1813 - 1883)
  4. GAUSS, Charles William (1813 - 1879)
  5. GAUSS, William Theodore (1851 - 1928)
  6. WORTHINGTON, Helen (1855 - 1933)
  7. GAUSS, Carl Friedrich (1878 - 1929)
  8. GAUSS, Helen Minna Worthington (1881 - 1970)
  9. GAUSS, William Theodore Worthington (1884 - 1961)
  10. GAUSS, Helen Worthington (1887 - 1889)


Location of original unknown. Photocopy made by Helen Worthington Gauss for Helen Worthington Sansone in the Susan Chambless collections. There is a photocopy of this photocopy (2nd generation) located in the St. Louis Public library. Transcription by

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