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Ancestral Lines of Helen Worthington Gauss, p104

left margin notes: by Zella Armstrong [the rest of the margin note is unreadable]

top margin notes: about the St. Barthomew ???? in France some of the Tonellier's ???? to Sweden where the ???? as of those who went to England was changed to Tunnell. Rev. Robt. M. Tunnell of Manhattan writes that the Swedish minister of the gospel have told him of Tunnells in Sweden. He also reports Swedes by name of Tunnell in Kansas. The Worthington branch is from the English emigrants.

Record of Tunnell family

Ancestors & relatives of Dr. Thomas Worthington & his daughter Helen Worthington Gauss through Lettice Tunnell mother of Dr. Thos. Worthington

1st - Tonnellier French Huguenot 1675; name anglicized to Tunnel Yorkshire, England 1703

2nd - William Tunnell (1703-1787); his son

3rd - William Tunnell (1750-1814); his daughter

4th - Lettice (Tunnell) Worthington (1781-????); her son

5th - Dr. Thomas Worthington (1808-1888); his daughter

6th - Helen (Worthington) Gauss (1855 -); her children

7th - Carl Friedrich Gauss 1878

7th - Helen Worthington Gauss 1881

7th - Wm Theodore Worthington Gauss 1884

continued from page 105. The ancestor of our branch of the American Tunnells married a wife remotely akin to the Fairfax family - she was called "Lady Anne" to the day of her death. Another of the Yorkshire Tunnells married a widow "Lady Seaton" a marriage relative of the old Yorkshire family of that name



Location of original unknown. Photocopy made by Helen Worthington Gauss for Helen Worthington Sansone in the Susan Chambless collections. There is a photocopy of this photocopy (2nd generation) located in the St. Louis Public library. Transcription by Peggy T. Robinson, 2013

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