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Ancestral Lines of Helen Worthington Gauss, p021

Second Generation

5. Charles Worthington;

  • son of Capt John and Sarah Howard Worthington;
  • born Oct 20, 1701;
  • died
  • married twice
  • 1st marriage
  • (unknown) Hammond
  • one child, Charles, died in infancy
    • 2nd marriage
    • Sarah Chew;
    • dau of Samuel Chew


25. John born Oct 5, 1734 2nd marriage
26. Elizabeth born Jul 23, 1735 2nd marriage died Aug 3, 1735
27. Charles born Jul 6, 1736 2nd marriage
28. Anne born Jul 10, 1738 2nd marriage [1]
Sarah born Dec 15, 1744/5 2nd marriage
28.5. Samuel X born Mch 1746 2nd marriage died Jan 3, 1821
Elizabeth [2] 2nd marriage d Jul 24,1747
Mary born Jan 26,1749 2nd marriage
Samuel Chew born Feb 8, 1755 2nd marriage

note #28.5 is I think an error - at least it is so noted to be by Wilson M Carey of Balto - & is also not included in line of the children of #5 as furnished by T K Worthington of Lancaster, PA

  1. on the document there is a line of data that I cannot read ???? died 1745 ????
  2. there is data in front of Elizabeth's name, but it is unreadable

Though the children listed above are in this collection again on pg WTCG-p034 there is so little information for them and most of the information is unverified, at this time, I am not creating person pages for them, nor am I putting them in the TNG pages. The exception to this is #28.5 - Samuel PeggyTRobinson (talk) 10:51, 11 June 2013 (CDT)


Location of original unknown. Photocopy made by Helen Worthington Gauss for Helen Worthington Sansone in the Susan Chambless collections. There is a photocopy of this photocopy (2nd generation) located in the St. Louis Public library. Transcription by Peggy T. Robinson, 2013

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