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Dan White 2012-04-24 @ 06:54:04

Thank you for this site. I'm always looking for information on the Baucom family, which is my mother's family.

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Susanna Johnson Kettlewell (Fawcett:MCCLUER, Caroline Platte (1892 - 1970)) 2012-03-23 @ 23:53:38

I am commenting on the page entitled "Fawcett:MCCLUER, Caroline Platte (1892 - 1970)." This is my grandmother, and I would like to correct the name of my eldest daughter. Her name is Jennifer Leigh Kettlewell, NOT Jennifer Janice Johnson. Thanks!

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Jimmy Fawcett 2012-03-08 @ 06:03:26

The information concerning Allie Ray Fawcett and his family is far from correct...I know since I am his son, Jimmy.

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Kim Owen for Dulaney Hunter Stehl 2012-01-06 @ 13:13:54

Researching for Dulaney. She is kin to the Blantons, the Broadduses, the Crawfords, the Travises, the Gregorys, the Lucks and the Johns of VA and NC. I have copied some of your material and documented the website. I looked for a copyright or anything that said I could not copy your data. I did not see anything pertaining to this. Please contact me if it is NOT all right to use data as long as I document the source. Thank you so much, Kim Owen

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Tom Almquist 2011-01-22 @ 19:30:34

Hi Susan. Just viewed your site, very impressive (a lot of work too!). I had a couple of photos of Mary Pitman Jones'grave that I was going to add or send to you. Tell me how, thanks.

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Shirley Wheet (none ) 2010-12-10 @ 17:42:01

My grandmother maiden name was Sarah Ellen Fawcett. Her parents
were Richard Fawcett b in 1854 and mother was Jane Harrop b 1856.
Jane b Mask England,, Richard Kirbystephen, Westmoreland England.
They had 5 children Sarah Ellen, Mary, John Richard, John and
Hannah They came to the states and settled near Auburn, New york.
Sarah Ellen married Merritt Ackles and they are both buried
in Evergreen Cementery in Spencer, New York

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