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STABLER, Jordan (1840 - 1916)
Family(s): Stabler
Person ID (Link to genealogy): GED link doc.gif I12762
Sex: M
Date born: 16 Jan 1840
Born in: Sandy Spring, Maryland
Date died: 20 Jun 1916
Died in: Baltimore, Maryland
Buried in: Woodlawn Cemetery, Woodlawn, Maryland


Father: STABLER, Edward (1794 - 1883)
Mother: GILPIN, Ann R (1798 - 1882)
Spouse(s): SEMPLE, Carrie E (1852 - 1886)
, WALKER, Ellen W (1851 - )
Children(in Wiki):

Religious affiliation(s): Episcopalian
Occupation(s): Clerk, Entrepreneur, Merchant
Occupation details: ran a grocery, formed a stock company in 1900
Fawcett book: STABLER, Jordan (1840 - 1916)
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Needs annotation: Yes

From Bill Fawcett's book:

Biographical sketch

JORDAN STABLER was born to Edward and Ann Stabler at Harewood (in Sandy Spring, Montgomery County, Maryland) on January 16, 1840. After completing the local public schools, he attended Springdale Academy in Loudoun County, Virginia. In 1855 Jordan managed Harewood for two months while his father was in Washington DC assisting Obed Hussey to obtain a patent on the Hussey Mower & Reaping Machine. In the fall of 1857, Jordan moved to Baltimore to clerk in G.H. Reese & Brothers Grocery. In July 1862 he founded his own grocery on Lombard Street. Jordan sold it in 1866 and established another grocery on Madison Avenue. It eventually became the largest grocery (Jordan Stabler Company) in Baltimore, and he served on the Board of Grocer's Exchange in the 1870s (Scharf 1881). The Jordan Stabler Building stood at Madison (now Linden Avenue) and Garden in the 1880s. The second and third floors were used as Dr. Robert Atkinson's Boy School (JanVier 1933:147-148). The John Hopkins University Club was organized in the rear rooms (Beirne 1951:165). In 1875 he purchased the adjacent Charles Reese & Company and moved into that building (using his old building for storage). Later (1892) he purchased a third building and occupied all three adjacent buildings. The U.S. government was a major customer. On February 14, 1877 Jordan Stabler married (1) Carrie E. Semple, daughter of Dr. Robert Semple of Philadelphia. Their three children are Edith C. Stabler, Florence Stabler and Jordan Herbert Stabler. Carrie E. Stabler died in 1886. Jordan Stabler married again (2) to Ellen W. Walker on March 21, 1894. She was the daughter of Rev. Horace Dean Walker of New York. No children were born to them. During the 1890s Jordan Stabler Groceries was located at Eutaw and Madison Streets in Baltimore (Letter D Bryan to L Fawcett 4/25/1866). In 1900 Jordan Stabler formed a stock company, taking in four clerks as stock holders, while he remained the President. After 1905 he was retired, but continued as director of Commonwealth Bank and Crown Cork & Seal Company, and as President of Grocers' Exchange (1892-1912) and Vice-President of E. Stabler Coal Company. He voted Republican, was active in the Good Government Club, and was a member of Emanuel Protestant Episcopal Church.


From A History of the Fawcetts and Related Families in America by William Bloys Fawcett. Used by permission of Dr. Fawcett.

This book was first published in 1996 and some of the information is quite dated. If you find errors or want to add updates, contact me, and I will add notes to the page.

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