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ELDER, Erwin Fletcher (1855 - 1948)
Family(s): Elder
Person ID (Link to genealogy): GED link doc.gif I8252
Sex: M
Date born: 3 Oct 1855
Born in: Clarke County, Georgia
Date died: 30 Jun 1948
Died in: Ballinger, Texas
Buried in: Evergreen Cemetery, Ballinger, Texas


Father: ELDER, Phillip Tigner (1836 - 1930)
Mother: WILSON, Sarah Susan (1834 - 1916)
Spouse(s): MCFARLAND, Mary Jane (1859 - 1916)
, Lola (1869 - )
Children(in Wiki):

Religious affiliation(s): Presbyterian
Occupation(s): Entrepreneur, Merchant
Occupation details: managed the Farmers’ Ginning & Milling Company in Cuero (ca. 1898-1903+), In 1906 he closed his ginning business and opened Elder’s Candy Kitchen in Cuero, where he made and sold plain and mixed candy.
Fawcett book: ELDER, Erwin Fletcher (1855 - 1948)
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Needs annotation: Yes

From Bill Fawcett's book:

Biographical sketch

IRVIN/ERWIN FLETCHER ELDER, son of Phillip T. Elder and Sarah Wilson, was born in Georgia in 1855/56. Soon after they moved to St. Clair County, Alabama. In 1871/75 they moved to Gonzales County, Texas. He married Mary J. McFarland on May 14, 1879 (Marriage C:159-160, #2578). They lived in DeWitt County (1880 Census #414 ED 47).

E.F. Elder and his wife were admitted as an elder to the Cuero Cumberland Presbyterian Church on February 16, 1896 (Session Minutes), where he served as a deacon after April 18. Mary later (ca. 1900-05) joined the Baptist church in Cuero, and died near Cheapside in 1900 (LDS 1311261[6]). Erwin F. Elder accompanied his father back to Cheapside late in 1897, but soon returned to Cuero. Irvin managed the Farmers’ Ginning & Milling Company in Cuero (ca. 1898-1903+).

In 1900 he ginned the first bale of cotton in August (Cuero Daily Record 8/3/1900:1). E.F. Elder also grew some sugar cane on his place (Cuero Daily Record 9/11/1900). E.F. Elder of Cuero received a phone call from Cheapside in mid-December when Robert M. Fawcett was wounded. He sent a telegram with the news to Oscar Fawcett at Juno, Texas (Cuero Daily Record 12/19/1900).

E.F. Elder was still operating the Famers’ Gin in Cuero when he received a shipment of white northern corn (Cuero Daily Record 3/15/1903:4). In 1906 he closed his ginning business and opened Elder’s Candy Kitchen in Cuero, where he made and sold plain and mixed candy. In the spring and summer he operated a refreshment stand with soft drinks and during the fall and winter a short-order restaurant (Cuero Star 3/1906 Historical Edition).

Erwin later lived in West, Texas. Irwin Elder lived in Kingsville with his sons, David and Irvin, Jr., in 1940, and married Dora Gressett[1].


From A History of the Fawcetts and Related Families in America by William Bloys Fawcett. Used by permission of Dr. Fawcett.

This book was first published in 1996 and some of the information is quite dated. If you find errors or want to add updates, contact me, and I will add notes to the page.

Copyright © 1996, 2007 by William Bloys Fawcett, Jr. All rights reserved. No copies may be made of this document through any electronic, photocopying or other means without permission of the author.

  1. It is more likely that Erwin’s second wife was Lola. Dora Elder was Erwin’s daughter who married John Eugene Gressett. Erwin Fletcher and Lola Elder were married by the 1930 census.

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