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BAKER, Lydell (1861 - 1941)
Family(s): Worthington
Person ID (Link to genealogy): GED link doc.gif I2002
Sex: M
Date born: Sep 1861
Father: BAKER, Alfred C
Mother: BARNEY, Martha A
Spouse(s): MIRRIELEES, Margaret Ronald (1871 - 1955)
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Lydell Baker was born Sep 1861 in IL.

1900 census-Oregon-Multnomah-Portland-Ward 2-Lydell Baker head of house, born Sept 1861, age 38, married 3 years, born in IL as are his parents, he is a lawyer. Wife, Margaret, born Sep 1871, age 28, married 3 years, no children, born IL, father born Scotland, mother born MD

1910 census-Oregon-Multnomah-Portland-ED 198-sheet 11B-23-25 Apr 1910-lines73-74-229 Linton (?)-dwelling 245-family 240-Lydell Baker, 48 yrs.; married 13 yrs;born IL; father born England; mother born OH; publisher of a newspaper; owns his home mortgage free. Wife: Margaret M; 38 yrs; had 1 child but none living; born IL; father born Scotland; mother born MD

1920 census-Oregon-Multnomah-Portland-ED 96-sheet 2 B-2-3 Jan 1920-lines 84-85-239 E 60th-dwelling 41; family 44-Lydell Baker, 57 yrs; owns home mortgage free; publisher of a paper. Wife: Margaret M, 47 yrs but now her mother is listed as being born in TN

1930 census-Oregon-Multnomah-Portland-ED 26-339-sheet 3B-4 Apr 1930-lines 68-69-239 E 60th St-dwelling 80-family 82-Lydell is 68; owns his home valeued at $20,000; married at age 36; mother now born in US (state unknown); is a publisher of a trade journal. Wife: Margaret M, age 58; married at age 26; mother now born in IL

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