Letter:WIGHT, Jerusha to Virginia Fawcett - 1879-12-11

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From WIGHT, Jerusha Burnet (1820 - )
To FAWCETT, Virginia (1806 - 1882)
Date: 11 Dec 1879
Family(s) Fawcett
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection
Needs annotation: Yes

Yorktown Dec 11th 1879

Dear Sister Ginnie

Your kind letter of Dec 3d was duly received. I had thought it a long time since I had heard, I cannot expect you to write me oftener than you did your precious Brother. Letters are a real pleasure to me, alone as I am, cut off from society, and friends.

I was sorry to hear that hard times affected You and your own family. I think times are improving here.

Our Sheep are, I am so very glad to tell you, doing very well indeed. The fall clip of wool sold well. 25 cts per lb. We were perfectly satisfied. Then the sheep sheared [w]ell. People say wool is going to be a better price, than for some time. This would suit us very much both me, and the others concerned the flock. It was very hard for George and Mr. Buck to loose so many sheep, as they had just bought an interest in dear Willis' flock.

They both kept up good heart. as it would have been harder for me. My Nephews[?] health is quite as good as when last I wrote you. I keep usually well most of the time, have not been very well of late, but am better now. I have not heard from Willis', Lucy of late, but perhaps shall soon.

My friend Miss Bishop was with me a good deal this summer. She has been at home lately -- till last week Geo went for her -- as I was in bed and needed nurseing. Beecher says we should not speak of growing old, but I must say I can see year by year I cant do as much. I am a wonder to myself, when I consider what I have passed through the past months[?] of my life. Willis was my all, and I loved him I fear too much. To do without him is a constant sorrow it is very hard to bear.

I have not had any thing done to his precious grave for two reasones. Willis did not wish any mark made where he laid, he said he had never done any thing in his life & is Mourner. I wish to put a strong fence arround his grave. I do not think that would be doing contrary to his wishes. As soon as I can I shall do that. This has been an unusually dry and I have not been able to set shrubs or flowers about the grave but have carried all I could get and kept them in water. how proper they seem to me for an offering of my love for my precious darling.

I was glad to hear Lucretia was better . how pleasant to have a kind sister near. The children were well last accounts. Bobbie made a visit here not long since Frank was coming last I heard also Bransonia.

[wri]t as often as you can and releive me

Your aff Sister Jerusha

Give my love to all. Miss Birdok sends regards, thanks you for remembring her.


Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless.

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