Letter:McCLUER, Uncas to Charles Henry Gauss - 1865-04-24

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From MCCLUER, Uncas (1843 - 1913)
To GAUSS, Charles Henry (1845-1913)
Date: 24 Apr 1865
Family(s) McCluer,Gauss
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection
Needs annotation: Yes



Charles H. Gauss. Esqr, New, Haven, Conn

Care of Hubert A. Newton, M. A. 135. Elm St.


St. Louis Apr 24th (in pencil) 1865

Kind Sir,

Your note came to hand some two weeks ago, & I might have answered it sooner if it had not been forgotten. It is not very complementary to tell that I forgot it, but truth like "murder will out." Before this reaches you no doubt you will have seen Oscar who will tell you all that is of interest in the West. So far as I know, they are all well at St. Charles, & on the Dardenne. As for civil and military affairs several months have elapsed since I took any interest in them. Some may condemn this indifference, but when I consider what is the "chief end of man, & what his destiny little care I for such condemnations. I suppose we are a subjugated people, and it becomes us to recognize the rod of chastisement sent in mercy to bring us back as prodigals to the path of duty whence we have wandered so far. And not only so, but who knows that the Russian plague, which is threatening all Europe with desolation, may not soon appear in the Western World to vindicate the righteous Judgement of an offended Deity? Let us render allegiance to the Supreme Ruler lest in an evil hour we be brought to an untimely end. Even now the hand of God is upon me, and pressed down by afflictions both of body & mind, and almost constrained to cry out, "wilt Thou plunge me into the ditch? Hope you will excuse the shortness of this reply, for both physical and mental systems are debilitated, & I am feeling very uncomfortable. Yet my consolation is that it all means something, and will be for the best.

Goodbye, U. McC.---


Handwritten original, private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan Chambless, 1999.

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