Letter:McCLUER, Uncas to Charles Henry Gauss - 1864-10-01

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From MCCLUER, Uncas (1843 - 1913)
To GAUSS, Charles Henry (1845 - 1913)
Date: 01 Oct 1864
Family(s) McCluer,Gauss
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection
Needs annotation: Yes




Charles H. Gauss, Esqr

No 127 College St.

New Haven



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St. Louis Oct. 1st 1864

Kind Sir,

I am the recipient of your favor, of the 26th ult; informing me as to your whereabouts, and circumstances. The weather is cold & damp, the streests [sic], in just such a condition as you have often seen. There is nothing of interest in the city today, but for the last week we have had a lively time. Fortifying; organizing; conscripting; to an extent not know before in St. L. But you might ask, what does it all mean? The reply is that Price & Marmaduke are in the southern part of the state & all-ready the later, has assailed & captured Pilot Knob. The Feds or as many as could, retired to Jefferson Barracks & consternation prevails generally. The impression " [prevails] that Gen. Ewing & Tom Fletcher one captured by Gen Mar---- but we kave [sic] no satisfactory information. You know, perhaps that Mr. T. Fletcher is candidate for Governor, but if he is "gobbled up" his chance for election is rather slim. I am by no means indifferent to what is transpiring, not only because I take an interest in military affairs, but because the authorities have threatened to close all the schools, & put us all in the ranks; in which event, you know well enough what I may do. Yet time only can disclose; & I will wait with patience the culmination of affairs in missouri. As for the Chancellor, he has retired, on account of his health, & Dr. Litton is acting Chancellor. We have a fine Prof- of Math- but his time is so occupied that he can not teach Descriptive G-. We look for another Prof- during the term, & the calculations are, that he will relieve Prof- Howisson, from some of the classes when Prof.- H.- will take up Des-prt- G. My studies at present are Latin Annalytical, & Mechanics. I recite Mech- with the Senior, of whom there are only three, viz, Eastlehun, Blake, & Glasscow, a hard class. There are five Scientifics besids [sic] myself none however in the second class. Ed S. Holden has not returned, as as well as I remember he is in Connecticut, somewhere. Dr. Litton keeps the boys all strait, & my opinion is that he will make a better chancellor than Mr. Chauvenet (leaving mathematics out of the question.) Henry H. Mudd, takes a course of medical provided he is not conscripted by either party. Knight is at Westpoint, Cutter teaching in the Academic Dept- of W. U. Hisley is in the engineer's office, Smith on the farm, Kercheval merchandising. Nat Hazard from your Freshman class, is in our Sophomore. I know nothing as to the folks in St. Charles, having heard from home but once, & been only once at your Uncles. I dont even know how they are down there. I hope to have better health this year than I had last. But if I have to take the field my hopes may be doomed to disappointment. Good byes

Respectfully U. McC


Handwritten original, private collection, the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, 1999.

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