Letter:JOHNS, Florence to Minna W. Gauss - 1962-07-29

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From JOHNS, Florence (1891 - 1977)
To GAUSS, Minna Waldeck (1892 - 1984)
Date: 29 Jul 1962
Family(s) Johns,Gauss
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection
Needs annotation: Yes

To: Mrs. Fred L. Reeves
212 W. Walnut
Brinkley, Arkansas

From: Florence Johns
524 W. Elsmere Pl
San Antonio 12 Texas

524 W. Elsmere Place
San Antonio 12 Texas
29 July 1962

Dear Minna:

I have made a copy of everything you sent to me except the enclosures from the letter the other day and the one about The Wooldridge clipping. I shall do these and keep everything until you return to Brinkley. Hope to finish at least the first part of the diary I had copied from what Anne copied which is in all about thirty-nine pages but will do as much of the other as I can and will send them to you in Miami.

I hope to hear from Mrs. Morton but have not as yet and also to get a verification of the Jones brothers, am not sure the one who wrote belongs to the family of the tipsy brothers or not, he wrote on business stationery, listed the location as Sheppards and mailing address as Farmville. I cannot find a Sheppards on the map but it could be New Store location as they said those people lived near New Store. I had written to the postmaster at Curdsville and he had located them for me, I have since written back to him but no answer. It appeared to me that Mrs. Morton might have the key to the Winston connection if that book gives all the information. Then as you say there are the several versions. There should be a way to straighten it out and guess I will hit on it some day.

We hope you have a pleasant trip and please give Lois our love and take it easy, a minister and his family are kept pretty busy these days if I know anything about it.

Much love from us all.


P.S. I believe you have sent me a very good lot of information but I am like you, I wonder if grandfather Johns really remembered after fifty years, he seemed to have a variance of the marriages etc in the family however, Winston wrote Robert Wharton Moorhouse that his grandfather's grandmother was named Glover and I believe that because look at the name how it has been carried, how else would they hang onto it.


Typewritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, February 5, 2000.

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