Letter:GAUSS, William T. to Virginia and Eugene Gauss - 1923-06-30

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From GAUSS, William Theodore (1851 - 1928)
To GAUSS, Virginia (1853 - 1930), GAUSS, Eugene Jr. (1856 - 1951)
Date: 30 Jun 1923
Family(s) Gauss
Collection The Black Book - Ann and Minna Gauss
Needs annotation: Yes

(To Virginia and Eugene gauss, near Columbia, Missouri, from William T. Gauss, Colorado Springs, Colorado).

June 30, 1923

Dear Cousins Virginia and Eugene:

At the request of our cousin, Carl Gauss, at Hameln, Hannover, Germany, through letter to our daughter, I am writing you in re: the very serious conditions existing with him at this time, owing to the terrible financial conditions in Germany and the consequent depreciating value and purchasing power of the "mark" - as one instance of which, he mentions the fact that a f lb. loaf of bread, which before the war cost one mark, costs now 750 marks. And with everything advancing in price by leaps and bounds as it is, and marks going lower and lower, he says it will not be long before the price will be 1600 to 1700 marks.

As he sees it, the only outlook for people like himself (he is going on 75), - old, and without wage-earning power, is one of gradual starvation.

He expresses himself very appreciatively for what you with the rest of us did for him last year, and says while it is very hard for him to have to come back again with another letter like this, yet is forcing himself to do so. Says the sum need not be large, by any means, since with the purchasing value which our U. S. dollar carries, a small amount in them will go a long way in buying anything over there and also in helping to lift him out of his present serious condition. this time, however, what we send will be in U. S. money and not in exchange, as last year.

I am sending his letter on to sister Mary (in DeSoto, Missouri), who will be glad to forward it to you, in case you can read German.

In case you are disposed to assist again in coming to his help, I shall be glad to attend to sending it on for you.

I hope you are both well and everything going well with you. Your Cousin Helen Joins with me in sending love and kindest regards.

Very truly, your cousin,
Wm. T. Gauss

P. S. As we have rented our home for the summer, please address reply to our office. As you are likely aware, the market price on German money at this time in our money is - $6.50 to $7.00 per million marks.


Location of handwritten original unknown. Typed transcription from the Black Book, notes of Anne Durfee Gauss and Minna Gauss Reeves. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, April 30, 2000.

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