Letter:GAUSS, Theodore to Charles Henry Gauss - 1893-09-09

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From GAUSS, Theodore (1849 - 1895)
To GAUSS, Charles Henry (1845 - 1913)
Date: 09 Sep 1893
Family(s) Gauss
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection
Needs annotation: Yes

Dear Henry

Yours of the 29th received. I am afraid that I cannot make clear to your mind that about which I am doubtfull myself.

Father says that grandmother never eats anything, she did not turn over her plate at meals & the only nutriment she got was what was contained in the sugar & cream in her coffee. Father thinks that Atrophy is a certain kind of disease, just as pneumonia, consumption or cholera is; I think that it is the result of disease in some part of the body. If death ensues, you do not say that a person died of Ematiation (Atrophy) but of Dyspepsia Consumption or whatever the cause may be. Webster's definition rather leans to father's idea. I think the encyclopedias support my view of the case.

It may be that when the doctors cannot locate the cause of Ematiation, they call it Atrophy. I never have spoken to one of them about it. I have the same opinion about the matter now, that I had years ago, when father first told me the cause of grandmothers death. He says that there was nothing the matter with her lungs, thaty they were as sound as his. Her name was Minna; she died, about six months after father left Europe, apparently of ematiation. The Drs were unable to do anything or tell what was the matter.

Your brother, Theo Gauss

"The Backwoods", Sept 9th 1893


Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, September 16, 2000.

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