Letter:GAUSS, Henry F. to Helen W. Gauss - 1948-03-21

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From GAUSS, Henry Fallenstein (1885 - 1968)
To GAUSS, Helen Worthington (1887 - 1889)
Date: 21 Mar 1948
Family(s) Gauss
Collection William T. Gauss collection
Needs annotation: Yes


Mar. 21 '48

Dear Helen,

I certainly should have answered your letter long ago. I do have a rather lame excuse however.

Myrtle took sick last fall and remained ill until the middle of January. In short she is not entirely her old self ?? but is just about well and if she stays slowed down she will soon be as good as new. Her trouble started with a thyroid infection which our doctors failed to recognize until it had affected her entire system and she wound up with a clot in her leg which was very painful and threatened to be serious. Just as Myrtle began to recuperate I had a turn in the hospital myself for an operation which was not very serious but which laid me up for several weeks. Our troubles seem to be about over and we are back in the old groove again.

We were very glad to receive the letters and translations from the Gauss connections in Germany. We have been sent these parcels from time to time and I am enclosing the last letter we received from them. Our daughter Phyllis sent a parcel to them a few weeks ago.

You asked about our family and children. Our oldest is William, 34; next is Joseph, 32; then Mary, 27; and last but not least is Phyllis, 23. William married Rachel Chenoweth and they had four children, Bradford, 13; ?? Ann, 11; Curtis, 9; and Sandra 7. William and Rachel are divorced and re-married. Rachel is now Mrs. S??? and Will's new wife is Lorraine. She is a little girl and seems to be a very nice woman.

Mary married Robert Driscoll. They have two boys. Danny 3 1/2; and Willy 20 mos. Joseph married Dorothy Lenfest. They have two boys, Joey, 6 1/2; and a brand new baby as yet unnamed. (As far as we know). Phyllis married Loyd Skyles and they have a little girl, Lynn, 4 months old.

We have 9 grand children. Will's children kept the name Gauss though they call their step-father Dad. I guess ??flir all the American Home is not what it used to be.

My father is still living in St. Louis. He is 92 years old and still fairly active. He took part in the Commencement exercises of Central High School last spring and gave a very excellent address without any notes. (He forgot his notes and left them and his Bible on a table in the hall of his home) He probably has memorized the Bible from cover to cover, and I never saw him use any notes, so he wasn't worried. I supppose [he] of all the Gausses got the big share of Great Gauss's magnificant mind, though none of them are exactly dumb. I am still teaching Mechanical Engr at the University of Idaho. We have a comparatively small University (3500) but enjoy a high rating and have an exceptionally good faculty. I have 7 years to teach before reaching the retirement age of 70. And then if I [follow in] Dad's foot steps I'll have 20 or more years to work at something else. There's a big difference between Dad and me. I love to hunt and fish and don't believe I'll ever get too old to enjoy it, and North Idaho holds all the opportunity for it in the world so maybe I won't be working too hard after being relieve ??? of my responsibilities at the school.

We would certainly enjoy a visit from you should you ever be able to come this way. I'm glad you had a visit with Will. He is a good boy and doesn't deserve all of the family trouble he has had.

Myrtle joins in sending much love.

Your affectionate Cousin,


Location of original unknown. Photocopy of the letter can be found beginning on page WTGC-p216a of the William T. Gauss collection on this site. Transcription to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, October, 2008.

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