Letter:FAWCETT, Willis to Lucy Fawcett - 1870-05-15

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From FAWCETT, Willis (1809 - 1878)
To FAWCETT, Lucy Fenner (1843 - 1895)
Date: 15 May 1870
Family(s) Fawcett
Collection William B. Fawcett collections
From Bill Fawcett's book: Yes
Needs annotation: Yes

Letter: Willis Fawcett, Clinton TX to Lucy Fawcett, Alexandria VA 15 May 1870

Clinton, DeWitt County, Texas

May 15, 1870

My dear Lucy:

It has been a long time since I received a letter from you. My answer to your last I directed to Baltimore and it not finding a claimant went to the General Post Office and from thence returned to me here. I should have tried to write to you since but had forgotten a more definite address. On yesterday I happened to be looking over an old memorandum book and found the address which is on the envelope of this. I enclose my old letter as I do not know that I can write any thing better now.

I am still here, but shall quit the Clerk’s Office in about ten days. I have been appointed to take the census of the County and duly expect instruction to commence about the first of June. Taking the census will occupy about three months and probably pay three or four hundred dollars. I hope that before I get through it I shall be able to determine what to engage in.

Your Uncle Keyes[1] is now at New Orleans for the purpose of selling a Thousand fat sheep and the wool thereof. If he meets with no reverse he will be able to pay me the amount for which I sold out my sheep to him. But that amount will not be sufficient [to] pay my debts by several hundred dollars. I write these particulars in the hope that the information not be as bad as might be imagined were I to remain silent. It is full bad enough without being colored by imagination--yet I have heard of worse cases.

I am by no means despondent. Our State of Texas within the next two or three years is to be the theatre of the mightiest flood of prosperity known in the history of American progress. Within that time Kansas and Texas will be united by a Railroad, and also we are to have a great Southern Pacific Railroad passing through our midst. By means of which roads the mighty exhibition of the people & trade of all nations will 'come off'. Just look at the long trains of minerals & wines of Mexico & California, the cotton & wool of the South and the Grains & fruits of the North! Where there is so much of Our goods of this world passing certainly Rusiana[2] & I will be able to get enough to ensure the comforts of life.

Write me my dear daughter and send me your photograph, and tell me all about dear Gene [Eugenia Fawcett] child & the other children.

The last accounts from Jodie[3] in .. Us that he was well.

Rusiana joins me in the assurance of our abiding affection for you & each of the rest.

Write soon.

Your father,

Willis Fawcett

  1. FAWCETT, Benjamin Keyes (1827 - 1870)
  2. WIGHT, Jerusha Burnet (1820 - )
  3. FAWCETT, Joseph Willis (1849 - 1942)


From A History of the Fawcetts and Related Families in America by William Bloys Fawcett. Used by permission of Dr. Fawcett.

This book was first published in 1996 and some of the information is quite dated. If you find errors or want to add updates, contact me, and I will add notes to the page.

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