Letter:FAWCETT, Willis to Lucy Fawcett - 1870-01-14

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From FAWCETT, Willis (1809 - 1878)
To FAWCETT, Lucy Fenner (1843 - 1895)
Date: 14 Jan 1870
Family(s) Fawcett
Collection William B. Fawcett collections
From Bill Fawcett's book: Yes
Needs annotation: Yes

Letter: Willis Fawcett, Clinton TX to Lucy Fawcett, Baltimore MD 1/14/1870. Clinton, DeWitt Co Tx

January 14, 1870

My own dear Lucy

Throw appearances to the dogs! But if we do so how are we mortals to just of each others pretensions? If you were to live a thousand & one years and now write to me I should still know that you loved me. So please comfort yourself in regard to my neglect in writing to you by measuring my conduct out of the same half bushel!

I was very glad to receive your letter. It not only let me know how you were, but gave me some information as to the other children of whom I had not heard of in a long time. I have no information lately of Jodie[1] except that he is still with Dr Webb at Cotton Gin, Freestone County. Mrs Webb & my wife correspond occasionally and in that way we learn a little in regard to Jodie. He has been suffering from chills very much according to Mrs. Webb’s account. She wrote to my wife that Jodie had joined some church, some months since and lately that he expected to farm on the Doctor’s land next season.

My Rusiana[2] [Jerusha Wight] has had bad health for the last three months, and a good part of the time was quite sick with a low nervous fever. She is now stiring about and improving and we hope will soon be intirely restored.

This whole region of country has been unusually sickly this last summer & fall--probably in consequence of the very unusual heavy rains & overflow of the Rivers in July. For a country just straightening up its back from the ruin caused by the war, the overflow & sickness seemed like final ruin sure enough. Every class of society almost every man woman & child have experienced sad reverses in consequence of the overflow and the sickness. Even the clerkship of the County Court does not afford more than a decent support for we two here--while previously it was considered to be worth at any rate $1500 or $2000.

As soon a reconstruction takes place, I will not have even this clerkship for a support. But I believe in the old saying, that 'whre there is a will, there is a way'! And I don’t feel at all like giving up.

Your Uncle Keyes[3] is still holding on to the sheep on the frontier[4] and I hope from what little I hear of him that he is doing well. About a month since I made a hurried visit to your Uncle Ras'[5] orphans [6]. They are still at their home place and are in good health and seem quite contented under circumstances most people would consider discouraging.

My Rusiana loves you from what I have told her of you & joins with me now in offering you the assurance. Write me my daughter. Give my love to the other children.

Your father

Willis Fawcett

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From A History of the Fawcetts and Related Families in America by William Bloys Fawcett. Used by permission of Dr. Fawcett.

This book was first published in 1996 and some of the information is quite dated. If you find errors or want to add updates, contact me, and I will add notes to the page.

Copyright © 1996, 2007 by William Bloys Fawcett, Jr. All rights reserved. No copies may be made of this document through any electronic, photocopying or other means without permission of the author.

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