Letter:FAWCETT, Willis to Joseph Fawcett - 1835-08-04

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From FAWCETT, Willis (1809 - 1878)
To FAWCETT, Joseph (1771 - 1844)
Date: 04 Aug 1835
Family(s) Fawcett
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection
From Bill Fawcett's book: Yes
Needs annotation: Yes

Letter: Willis Fawcett, Gainesville AL? To Joseph Fawcett, Franklin/Fairfield MO. Aug 4. 1835? Very fragmentary letter of uncertain date.

... so we have sold about ....

Of that taken in Deer skins & the balance...

Course we need not expect to sell until the people know the store is opened, of which there was not previous notice. I am satisfied that the goods are of the kinds to suit the market and have marked them so low as to gain an unhesitating acknowledgment from all who have examined them of the fact. There is but little money in the country but what there is is specie and learning that there is a good deal of peltry to be had in trade I have taken measures to inform folks generally that we will take it in barter at fair prices as well as furs & beeswax. Several have agreed to bring in peltry at a price we can well aford to give on the St. Louis prices as to the furs, we will get only coon skins, to judge of ...

[side note: * Sunday morning - yesterday sold $8 wood....]

...pie & wholesome consisting of cornbread & bacon or chicken vegitables, coffee & frequently milk. Two hundred yards from the store the water is pure but warm. The folks generally are very passable. Our landlady is quite clever & neat, the land lord we are advised is a confirmed scamp & hypocrite. They have two little daughters of ages corresponding with Maymays & Ginneys. Yesterday evening they had a neighboring family spending the evening. The old mother visitor a grown daughter & a match for the latter from another neighbor’s with our land lady called upon us to see the new store. We sold the young ladies a bonnet each and shortly after their return to the house, supper was soon announced to us. Susan’s husband not having had a collar or stock....

.....anything resembling a great....

deep in the store.

Sunday morning. Our post... [Torn]

Office is 3 ½ miles distant - the Eastern mail and .... On Sundays & departs on Wednesdays. A neighbor is going to the office this morning by whom I expec to send this and by whom we hope (Niles seems as anxious as I feel) to receive a letter or two. About little Ginney, Maymay & Grandpa[1] all being somewhat on the sick list. I am expecing to hear of particularly. Would it not be well for Pa to try the Gum Arabic solution say a table spoon full every two hours whenever the bowels begin to be deranged. The only effect that it has is to protect from irritation and can do no possible harm. I wrote a note home from Pilot Grove, 20 miles this side of Boonville.

Amid Pa’ trouble for money & business he may have forgotten what I wished done with some of the hogs with Wm Boal’s consent.

Our respects to Mrs. McCluer & Weidene

Affectionately Willis

  1. Humphrey Keyes


From A History of the Fawcetts and Related Families in America by William Bloys Fawcett. Used by permission of Dr. Fawcett.

This book was first published in 1996 and some of the information is quite dated. If you find errors or want to add updates, contact me, and I will add notes to the page.

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