Letter:FAWCETT, Virginia to Charlotte Elizabeth Johns - 1882-09-24

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From FAWCETT, Virginia (1806 - 1882)
To JOHNS, Charlotte Elizabeth (1850 - 1938)
Date: 24 Sep 1882
Family(s) Fawcett,Gauss,Johns
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection
Needs annotation: Yes

Harvest Home Sept 24th 1882

Dear Lizzie

You will see from this from this heading that I am not at home-- Have been here Three weeks to day -- I hear little from St. Charles. Theodore is at Eugenes, came up Monday evening - came over & staid untill after supper last night - will go back to day -- He left all well at home, & at your Fathers, They are complaining that they have hear little or nothing from you for sometime, not since Blanches return -- cant she spare a little time from her books, enough to write a few lines to those that love her & Miss her so much. Stir her up, Tell her to write often if ever so short a letter -- I am anxious to learn what Henry is going to do after he is entirely done The Lumber yard. I know nothing about business Matters, could not judge what would be best, but feel troubled when I think of him out of Business -- Had considered him permanently settled in Sedalia -- As I have said, I cant judge, & must trust to Henrys judgement, & a kind providence to guid him a right --- I hope you are all well. -- Let us hear as often as you can. I am not certain, that I owe you this letter, though It will not matter If I dont -- I made a pleasant visit to louie & Jennie yesterday. They are plainly but comfortably situated -- I was glad to find them happy & contented -- Mr Watson & wife. Your uncle Samuel & Aunt Lucretia were invited to meet me -- we enjoyed the visit very much -- I have been with Eugene very little -- Eugene wont let me stay, says he must stop work when I am there. Being just on the road He could not leave me by myself -- It is a pleasant place, I think I would like to stay there -- But all parties oppose It -- Think It would not do -- It does distress me to come away, & leave him by himself -- He puts on a cheerful countance & says he does not mind It Hopes there are better times ahead for him -- That after he gets ahead a little, perhaps he will be able to persuade some of the girls to come & keep house for him -- He will finish plowing today & Then commences sowing his wheat -- Tell Blanche the whole neightborhood is agog about a wedding to come off next Tuesday. Miss Cora Bates & Reverend Edwin McCluer, son of Robert McCluer -- To be Married & go right off to Virginia -- a Select party -- Her Aunt Sis is one of the special -- She is to go down with the Bridal party to Louis -- Stay all night, To be on hand in time the next morning. To see tee Sis King married at eight o'clock -- They go from the church to the Train -- Miss Sis, I understand is Taking a Framer -- How do you suppose that will work? Some of the young men say he is a courageous man -- They think he will have to take Old folks & all. and Tell Blanche the pony & colt are doing well -- I hope when she comes next time, she will be able to ride as much as she would like -- Since Lucy has been sold, what does Eugene ride -- My love to him & Tell him not to forget to write Me -- Tell Annie & little patte that I often think of them, & wish I could see them -- I hope Connie is pleased with her school & Teacher, Dont let them forget us -- what will you do with that little chatterbox when unpleasant weather shuts her up in the house with no one to play with -- Often I see her coming in to parler class slobbing her little feet on the mat, Like some grown person -- I expect to be here about a week longer -- When i will go home & hope to hear from you all write often with much love to Henry, yourself, children each one -- Hope you will keep well --

Affectionately Your Aunt Gee ---

In another hand: Aunt Gee died Oct 5th 1882


Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, January 30, 2000.

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