Letter:FAWCETT, Henrietta to Minna Waldeck Gauss - 1902-01-07

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From FAWCETT, Henrietta (1817 - 1909)
To GAUSS, Minna Waldeck (1892 - 1984)
Date: 7 Jan 1902
Family(s) Gauss,Fawcett
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection

My dear Minna

Your letter written last friday did not reach me till last night -- I was glad to get it and glad to see you had improved in your writing, if you take pains you will b[e able] to write well -- you also have learned [to] read for yourself which is better than listening to others -- do you know the name of the author of the Cricket books? if you do, tell me when you write again -- I thought the one you had when here was very interesting -- What is the name of Cricket's poney? I have forgotten -- Aunt Sis has only two cats now, little Gray went off and never came back, Schley and Boxie are well and have fine appetites, Black Object is deaf and getting blind -- he was in the stable yard and let old Jack run over him, Eugene brought him to the house, he was bruised but no bones broken -- when I go out on the plank walk he rubs against me and maybe he will some throw one down and break my arm -- Harry is not so very gay, he had to haul water all summer and now he works in the horsepower every day to [--]r for the cows -- Mr. Sheppard let [Aunt] Sis have his old white horse this winter just for his board -- he scares at every thin[g] he sees and Aunt Sis is afraid of him -- if Blanche had him, the foolishness would be taken out him -- The cows are doing well and have several young heifer calves, and Eugene wants you to send him some names for them -- Aunt Sis has decided to sell all her chickens -- she does not like the kind she has, and will not raise any this year -- Eugene promises to buy all the chickens and eggs she wants -- I suppose your papa has left you by this time -- did he get my letter? Write when you have time.

With love to all



Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, September 14, 2001.

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