Letter:FAWCETT, Henrietta to Charles Henry Gauss - 1864-01-28

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From FAWCETT, Henrietta (1817 - 1909)
To GAUSS, Charles Henry (1845 - 1913)
Date: 28 Jan 1864
Family(s) Fawcett,Gauss
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection
Needs annotation: Yes

Mr. Chs H. Gauss, Care of Mr. Chs Wm Gauss, St. Louis, Mo

St. Charles Mo. Thursday Jan 28th 1864

Dear Henry

Your Father came home on saturday evening rejoicing over you,-- Your interest in the subject of religion has naturally caused us great anxiety, therefore you Father was greatly relieved to find you as he did, reconciled to God, willing to accept of Christ as your only Saviour.-- We both feel very grateful to God for this blessing, and pray that he may give you strength to endure unto the end, His strength, you will find you can not do without, that you must go to Christ constantly for his grace to enable you to live a Christian life.

Remember me to Oscar and tell him I shall never forget the kind interest he has manifested for you, and thank him for any assistance he has given you.

Theodore has been right sick -- about ten days days since he began to complain of toothache, he has had two large teeth drawn -- on teusday[sic] he came home from school with a chill -- we sent for the Doctor who gave him medicine, followed by Quinine to day, which Tate thinks is awfully bitter. he is much better, but will not go to school until monday.-- Your Father says that the Ferry boat now crosses from shore to shore the ice is not all gone, but there is no danger, John can come whenever he is ready -- the boys are impatient to see him. Tell your Aunt that I will try to take good of her boy, and watch over the guns as closely as I can.

How is Uncas ? we have been uneasy about him -- if he is not well try to persuade him to go home -- I know his Mother[1] would much rather have him at home. Your Uncle Samuel[2] was in town on saturday, but I did not see him -- he came down to claim the three hundred dollars, which he is entitled to for his negro Sam, who enlisted last week.

Your Father is a good deal worried to day with his bank -- the papers which were sent on to Washington have been returned on account of some trifling defect, the papers will have to be written over again and signed by all the stockholders, who are scattered all over the county.-- he thinks it will be necessary for him to go the the city on Monday to attend to some part of it -- so you may look for him but not certainly.

With much love to you, and all the family, your own Mother Henrietta Gauss

  1. FAWCETT, Lucretia Catherine (1822 - 1913)
  2. McCLUER, Samuel Campbell (1821 - 1888)


Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, 1999.

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