Letter:FAWCETT, Benjamin Keyes to Virginia Fawcett - 1870-09-05

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From FAWCETT, Benjamin Keyes (1827 - 1870)
To FAWCETT, Virginia (1806 - 1882)
Date: 05 Sep 1870
Family(s) Fawcett
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection
Needs annotation: Yes

Locations mentioned

Uvalda Texas Sept 5, 1870

Dear Ginnie

Yours of 17th of last month has been recived I glad to hear that you are all well in St. Charles I hope that Samuel has recovered from the effects of the hot Sun. Tell him that we have pretty hot times in Texas this year, but I have never heard of a case of Sun Stroke in this state I am in hopes the the report of Mr Albington being killed by the indians is not true. the country South West of San antonio is extensive & sparcly settled it frequently happines that the indians depredate considerably below & we know nothing of it untill several weeks after. I received a letter from Mr Robert with his Photograf. I answered it several days since giving him an account of a little affair we had with the indians. Since then I hear that this party of indians who we shot at killed several persons below mostly Mexicans were killed one American badly wounded. I Meet with a man who is guide for the troops at Fort Clark he says that he followed the trail of the indians about two hundred Miles says that they were Comanches & that another trail of about two hundred Miles came in to the first trail about twenty Miles above here. A Short time Since I received two letters from Willis he has been sick but is up & at work & says he will get through taking the Census in good time. I also receved one from Frank. he says that all well except Brancy who has had feavr but I hope that she will Soon be all right, as we have a good prospect for good wether for Some time. we have had a great deal of rain this year. wrote to you Some time in July telling you of having Meet with Mrs King & Mr King in San antonio. Mrs King was Henretta Chamberlin I supose that you did not get the letter. give my love to all in hast I start for the Sheep twenty miles below

Your Brother Keyes


Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, March 13, 1999.

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