Letter:FAWCETT, Benjamin Keyes to Virginia Fawcett - 1870-07-22

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From FAWCETT, Benjamin Keyes (1827 - 1870)
To FAWCETT, Virginia (1806 - 1882)
Date: 22 Jul 1870
Family(s) Fawcett
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection

Uvaldo Texas,

July the 22 1870

Dear Ginnie

Your kind letter of the 18th of last Month has been on hand Some time I got to this place about eight days since I found your letter here I wrote to Lucretia from Clinton. Today I have recived a letter from Willis containing a Fotograph of Dear Niles for which I am very thankfull Willis has been Sick but when he wrote he was geting better Jurusha is well After Sitting with Willis I started for San antonio The Sun was hotter than I ever felt. While I was in Sanantonio I met with Captain King who married Henretta Chamberlin he in invited Me to the Manger Hotell to See Mrs King who was very glad to See Me & Made Many inqueries about you all she has four children one daughter about fourteen years of age her youngest boy & daughter was with her little daughter looks very much like her & is a nice little girl her youngest Son She has named R. E. Lee Mrs King made a visit to Virginia & went to See General Lee. The General had been at her Fathers house before the War She admires him very much but says that he is failing very fast She promised to Send me her Fotograph told her that she must Send you and Net one also. I will write to her soon I found the sheep doing only tolerably well it has been quite weet in this portion of Texas. this year untill lately it has been raining a little hear today & I think that we will have a good deal in a short time which will be very bad for the Lambes. I have about 1000 lambs but if we have a wet sumer & fall I will lose a good Manny

I donot know what I can do but if I can excange my Sheep for wethers or Sell them at a fair price I believe I will do so I can not raise the means to drive Mutton to anny considerable extent with out disposing of my sheep. I can not see how I can make up a herd to drive next spring but if I can I will try & do it.

The Mexicans have behaved tolerable well & poor Old Enatio Bascos who I left in charge of My sheep is a good old fellow he is over Sixty years & I believe he had done the best he can to take care of the sheep hsi sons have not done so well. the Old Man I think is an honest & good harted old Mexican. I am glad to hear from good Old Locks on my return I was Sorry to find that a favorite pup called Smut was dead. he was a very good lively little fellow. he was two industrous to be profitable but I was very much attached to him. Tell Samuel that the cattle are generaly very fatt & the cow raisers are talking about asking higher prices there is one Section near the Coast which has Sufered very mch from the drough & the cattle are very poor & I am told can be bought for a doller a head. the slaughtering establishments on the coast are killing a great many a freind of Capt King told me that he was slaughtering twenty five head per day for their hids & tallow I will take a little trip down the Nexesus to look for range which has more Salt or Salty vegetable groths than there is in the range where I have the sheep now.

The Legislature has passed a bill calling for Two thousan rangers to operate against the Indians they will be organized forth with.

The Governor has forced the passage of a bill called the Malitia bill which requires every man subject to do Milatary duty to be enrolled or pay fifteen dollars. I supose that his principal object is to make Money as I can not see anny nessisity for the Measure but I do not know anny thing about Davis the Governor. Give My love to all

your Brother Keyes


Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, March 13, 1999.

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