Letter:CREGER, Willie Johns to Roberta Johns - 1920-02-01

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From CREGER, Willie Johns (1883 - )
To JOHNS, Roberta Lee (1859 - 1922)
Date: 01 Feb 1920
Family(s) Johns
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection
Needs annotation: Yes
Has significant genealogical information: Yes

630 Day Avenue, S. W.

Roanoke, Virginia

February 1, 1920

My dear Mrs. Lemly:[1]

Your letter was much appreciated and I regret to hear of your brother's illness (Claude Johns, died February 3d). We have the dreadful influenza epidemic in our city again now, more than a thousand cases, with deaths every day. Sadness everywhere, it seems.

For more than three years I have been looking up our Johns genealogy and have found many interesting facts.

My grandmother was Martha Johns, the daughter of Edmund Winston Johns and his wife, Susan Bullock ----- Johns. Now Bullock was Susan's middle name. I cannot find out, so far, her surname, as the old Bible gives it just as you see it, with the ---- dash, as if her family name was forgotten by the

I have found Edmund Winston Johns' family record, and after much search and study, in various places, and information from many folks, can give it very well.

Your grandfather or a Glover Johns is a brother to Edmund Winston Johns. I give you this list as I have worked it out:

House of John Johns and wife, Elizabeth Winston Johns

They were married February 28, 1765, lived at New Store, Buckingham County, Virginia. Elizabeth Winston was the daughter of Judge Edmund Winston. Her brother, George Dabney Winston, married Doreath Spottswood, the daughter of Patrick Henry ( just a bit of history). Children of John Johns and Elizabeth Johns were -

William M. Johns born January 10, 1765
Edmund Winston Johns " May 24, 1767
Judith Johns " May 2, 1768
Glover Johns " December 25, 1769
Anthony Benning Johns " March 11, 1771
Martha Johns " October 27, 1772
Mary Johns " May 4, 1775
Samuel Johns " September 28, 1777
Elizabeth Johns " March 24, 1779
Sarah Johns " March 12, 1781
Anne Johns " March 6, 1783
John Johns " June 3, 1784

You see what a large family our great great grandparents had. I have found relatives of Anthony Benning Johns. He married Sarah Oliver. Some of his descendants live in Danville, Virginia, and also in North Carolina. Also, of Judith Johns, who married a Mr. Winston, Governor of Alabama at one time. Also the great granddaughter of John Johns. So now I have found your brother and you, descendants of Glover Johns.

Please write me who Glover Johns married, dates, etc., your father and mother. I hope at some time, when I get the Johns family genealogy complete, to have it printed in book form. We are descended from and connected with the best families in the U. S. A. Mary Johns married a McCormick, a relative of Cyrus. Martha, my grandmother, the daughter of Edmund, married a Clark, of the Lewis-Clark family, early explorers.

If you can give me any dates or early history of the family, I will be pleased to have it, and if you have amy marriage dates also. I do not have the name or date of Glover's wife; if you can also find out who Susan Bullock ------ Johns was, the wife of Edmund, my great-grandfather.

I have some old silver marked with Johns that Grandma inherited from her uncle Hobson Johns of Danville; also an old beaded bag of Elizabeth Winston's.

I am a member of the D. A. R. If you wish to join I will help you, if you are not a member. All the Johns' served in the Revolutionary War.

Thanking you for any information, and that your are much better in health, I am,

Mrs. Willie Johns Creger Parrish


Mrs. T. T. Parrish

  1. See this page's discussion page for extensive notes on this letter.


Location of original handwritten manuscript unknown. This was marked COPY, and is in the Chambless collection. Transcription to softcopy March 5, 1999 by Susan D. Chambless.

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