Letter:ALLENDER, Howard to Elizabeth Sanderson - 1945-02-21

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From ALLENDER, Howard F. (1920 - 1991)
To SANDERSON, Sarah Elizabeth (1895 - 1987)
Date: 21 Feb 1945
Family(s) Chambless
Collection Elizabeth Sanderson Chambless collection


1st LT. Allender H. F. 0-889106
HQ. 14th Air Force
HQ. Flight Section
APO 627 c/o PM
New York, N.Y.

21 Feb. 1945 China

Dear Mrs. Chambless:

I've received your Christmas card and gift -- a very wonderful book.

For most people like myself, who are inveterate "book-lovers and collectors," there is always one book which is THE book. "Floridays" will always have a conspicuous place in my growing library at home. I've often pondered the practibility of writing and illustrating one's own book. But I see now that the author-artist angle has definite advantages. He expresses himself in two mediums.

As an epic poem of Florida, Don Blanding should be raised to Poet Laureate of the state for his work. Perhaps his recent coming to Florida enables him to see beauty in many things that the home-steaded Floridian regards as too commonplace to be worthy of seeing. At any rate, the book is capable of producing a demoralizing homesickness, for the born and bred Floridian, where little else could. And suddenly I've felt a longing to return to Florida, not so much to see old friends, but just to see Florida.

Thanx a lot for the very excellent selection.

Instead of going home - like I was supposed to, I've involved myself with at least another year overseas. But under the circumstances I'm quite pleased.

For the past 3 months I had the very interesting experience of working with the Chinese Army in the forward areas. It was a very nice vacation for me. About 2 weeks ago I received a radiogram asking if I'd go on a special mission as an Air Navigator, and a few particulars were stated. I grabbed my toothbrush and in a short time was back at my base.

So with 130 missions of experience in China I was transferred from my squadron to the Headquarters of the 14th Air Force. When I can be relieved of my new job, I hope to work again with the Chinese Army doing Air Support work. Then I may be ready to go home.

Unfortunately, I have lost your address, so I can only think of forwarding this letter to the last-known station of Gaby Lundquist. I'm sure she'll know your address, and will mail the letter safely to you.

I'm enclosing $30.00, in two bills. don't get the idea I'm just filthy with money, tho' 'cause (at the present rate of exchange) the total cost to me is about .06ยข. Because of this tremendous inflation a good -- meal in a restaurant costs only $1,100.00.

Howard Allender


Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, November 19, 2001.

Transcriber's Notes


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