Letter:ALLENDER, Howard to Elizabeth Sanderson - 1944-06-28

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From ALLENDER, Howard F. (1920 - 1991)
To SANDERSON, Sarah Elizabeth (1895 - 1987)
Date: 28 Jun 1944
Family(s) Chambless
Collection Elizabeth Sanderson Chambless collection


1st Lt. Allender H. F.
No, 27 T. C. S.
69th Composite Wing
PO 627 c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

June 28, 1944 China

Dear Betty:

I've just received a letter from my effusive friend, Gaby. Despite her many talents I'm also aware that she is addicted to castle-building with her vivid imagination. Even when I do write to her it is usually with a critical note, for she has a habit of attributing, at least to me, escapades and adventures comparable to Superman's. I resent the undue publicity, and I suspect that it amuses her.

From Gaby's ambiguous references to you, and from my own recollections, I gather you are that member of the Chambless family who is 10 months or so older than myself[1]. I'm not aware of ever having met you, but then I scarcely remember Bob.

Yet Gaby says she has learned so much of my background thru you. I wasn't aware of having had a background.

I'm not surprised that she has tried to publish one of my letters. You see, she's promised many times she wouldn't. I object to her printing or editing anything relating to me because when she writes -30- to her newsprint then material is contorted until even the facts have disappeared.

If, however, you've considered that one of my letters could be useful if printed, then I'm naturally pleased. I'm not conscious of literary talent nor ambitious in that direction, so I'm really indifferent.

According to Gaby, you would liked to have gotten in touch with my family in St. Pete. I'm sorry you were unable to meet them. They've been in Annapolis for the past year or so, where my father is working in a ship-building plant. I'm sure they would have enjoyed seeing you.

On March 17 I was discharged from the RAF and transferred to the U.S.A.A.F. Since then I've been based in India and China, and operated over Burma.

Since my transfer I've been enabled to apply for University Extension Courses. I've requested courses in Economics, Logic, Geology, Sociology, etc. in an attempt to shorten my post-war university years. My ambitional-ideal is in the world of Architecture, and I can always manage to do a bit of studying in some subject or other no matter how busy I am.

I would certainly appreciate an informative letter from you, if you have both time an inclination. I would like to know what each one of your family is doing, and how Bob has progressed since he was awarded his wings.

Hoping I'm not boring you, I am,

Very truly yours,
H. Allender


Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, November 12, 2001.

Transcriber's Notes


  1. The member of the Chambless family who is 10 months or so older is mostly likely my father. --Susan D. Chambless

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