Letter:ADAMS, Minna W. to John Seitz Beck - 1946-06-24

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From WORTHINGTON, Minna (1870 - 1949)
To BECK, John Seitz (1868 - 1951)
Date: 24 Jun 1946
Family(s) Beck,Worthington,Adams
Collection John Seitz Beck collection

Chantanqua Park, Bolder, Colo., June 24, 1946

Dear Mr. Beck:

You will forgive me I know when I tell you of my illness since early in February. It was a heart attack and made me retire to the shelf with my few hours in the day not flat on my back. Now, we are here for a month to feel the ????? in the mountain air and view the mountains, sunsets and rainbows. Minna Margaret drove us out and will be with us here for a month when she returns home and she fills an engagement to teach History & Economics in a college in Wisconsin.

We were all delighted to review your records of Capt. Long’s service for the Navy.

I have not been writing letters or doing anything but lie quiltly in bed with ????? ????? ????? in the car but feel better now and will send the Long book to you when I return home and have a copy made for our branch of the family.

Our daughter is offered a position in the National office of the Red Cross where she will assist in writing the history of the Red Cross in this war. I hope she accepts it and will be able to meet you and your interesting family. I also hope that Dr. Adams and I will be able to visit her there and to meet and to meet our newly found cousins.

We owe you such a debt of gratitude for all of your work on family affaiars that we want very much to meet you. Tell your wife that I loved her letter and the old ones she enclosed. I will write to her soon.

I enjoy hearing from you so much – do write soon – Minna W. Adams


Email, Peggy T. Robinson, 25 Aug, 2008. Handwritten original in the John Seitz Beck collection in the possession of Peggy T Robinson.

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