Letter:ADAMS, Minna W. to John Seitz Beck - 1945-12-28

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From WORTHINGTON, Minna (1870 - 1949)
To BECK, John Seitz (1868 - 1951)
Date: 28 Dec 1945
Family(s) Beck,Worthington,Adams
Collection John Seitz Beck collection
Needs annotation: Yes
Has significant genealogical information: Yes


871 W. College
Jacksonville Ill.
Dec. 28 1945

My dear second cousin once removed

What a happy surprise your letter was! In all the years in which I have been interested in family history, this is the first communication from any descendant of Andrew Kennedy, that I have received.

How did you find my address?

I am sorry to say that our branch of the family has never possessed the portrait of Thomas Jefferson and has no knowledge of its where abouts.

I have read the will of Elizabeth Potts Kennedy or the copy on file in the City Hall at Philadelphia and know that she had possessed the two portraits. She willed to my daughter Elizabeth my silver slop bowl and my black velvet cloak. The silver slop bowl is in the possession of my cousin Morrison Worthington (20 N. Water Drive, Chicago – I have a copy of it which was given to my sister as a wedding present.

The snap shot that I enclose, was taken recently as one of a number to send to our daughter who is serving with the Red Cross in England. I also enclose a picture of her which was taken when she was in Washington having her training nearly two years ago.

Of course you know that our first ancestor in this country was David Potts, a Welsh Quaker from Bucks Co., Penn. That the family record is to be found in the Potts Family by Thomas Maxwell Potts. Also that Eleanor Roosevelt is also a descendant of David Potts.

A cousin of mine and also of yours is living in Washington – Mrs. H. A. Twohy 4801 Conn Ave N.W. – She is the great granddaughter of Henry Long of Baltimore an own cousin of Elizabeth K. Long and a younger brother of her husband Col. Kennedy Long. She has an interesting portrait of her great grandfather and is much interested in family history.

I want to know all about your family – Ann Pennington was the first wife of Robert Kennedy according to the Potts Family – are you descended from this wife. If not tell me all you can of Robert Kennedy’s descendants. Pennington is a very distinguished name among Quakers.

This letter is long enough for the first letter. I hope to hear again from you soon. I have three children and three grandchildren. One grandson has just entered the Navy 20 yr old. Please write soon.

Minna W. Adams

P.S. I have never heard anything about descent from the Earl of Cassillis, tho’ the Kennedy family was much the most prosperous and the name of Andrew Kennedy is found in every branch of the family. I had a brother named Robert Kennedy Worthington. M.W.A.

P.P.S. The portrait over the bookcase in the snapshot of me, is that of Elizabeth Kennedy Long and her first three children. The portrait was painted in Baltimore about 1805 and was brought to Illinois when the family came west about 1829. It was in the family of Thomas Jefferson Long until recently but was given to me about three years ago. M.W.A.


Email, Peggy T. Robinson, 25 Aug, 2008. Handwritten original in the John Seitz Beck collection in the possession of Peggy T Robinson.

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