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The Thirteenth Earl of Cassillis p331

 Thine eyes are like twin stars, 
The beautiful stars of Heaven,
But words cannot praise thee nor tell thy worth 
Thou dearest and loveliest thing on earth,
Thou sweetest and last of seven.

It is not known from what paper the following was taken--

One of the most attractive departments of the "Schuylkill Republican" is that devoted to the gentler sex and edited by Gula Meredith, wife of the junior editor, Mr. John O. Beck. Mrs. Beck is certainly the possessor of a high order of poetic talent. In addition she is a prose writer of most beautiful diction combined with clarity of expression and rich idealism rarely met with in these days of insipid and trashy nonsense.

Nor this--

From the gifted lady writer whose poem graced our first page last month we have received a letter as full of encouragement as her poetry is of beauty. She says: “Although not being able to contribute regularly to your paper, it will give me pleasure to send you something to help along whenever I can.--With many wishes for the success of your paper and the “cause,” I remain truly yours, Gula Meredith.”

The word “cause” suggests, however, that the publication was the Flag and Eagle, the national paper of the Junior Order of the Sons of America.

Reference to that worthy organization calls to mind an incident of about fifty years ago. A life-long friend (well, hardly life-long, for he died more than thirty years ago. But it was life-long as far as he was concerned) was an active and enthusiastic member of the P. O. S. of A., as it was then generally known. One needs to be an alphabetic acrobat to keep abreast with organizations identified by their abbreviations in these days of hodge-podge governmental bureaus and boards, and bungling busybodies.

In Reading, Pa., there was great rivalry between the various camps -- and there were a number in Reading -- especially in the matter of attendance upon parade. On one such occasion the departed friend asked


This page is from John Seitz Beck's book about the Kennedy family. It was written after his retirement in the 1930s. The original manuscript is typed on a 1930s typewriter with 5 carbons!!! It has been transcribed and added to this site by Peggy Tarrant Robinson. The page numbers, done in red correspond with the original page numbers on the 1930s typed copy.

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