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The Thirteenth Earl of Cassillis p172

{172} The children of Samuel Rinker and Catherine Seifert, whose father, Joseph Seifert, was killed in the battle of Germantown, were --

       1. Hannah Anna Elizabeth, married Fabritius Reynolds, of New Orleans.

       2. Samuel, died, aged 7 years.

IV. 3. Mary Ann, married Robert Kennedy (his second wife).

       4. John Miller, unmarried; lieutenant United States Navy, warrant as midshipman January 1, 1818; stationed Peacock 1820; appointed by John Quincy Adams. 
       5. Samuel George, unmarried.

       6. James, unmarried.

       7. Catharine Bachman, unmarried.

       8. Elizabeth Charlotte, married Seymour Dodge, Sacramento, California.
       9. Josephine Adelaide, married William Henry Myers, Concord, Pa.

Hannah Elizabeth and Fabritius Reynolds had two children --

       1. Adolphus, died at 8 years; buried in Texas.

       2. John Henry, died in infancy; buried in New Orleans.

Samuel Rinker died while on a voyage with his father; buried at Kinsail, Ireland; his father was then captain of a merchantman.

Mary Ann and Robert Kennedy had two children --

V. 1. Mary Adelaide, married Frank Gaskill, who died; married John O. Beck.

       2. Samuel Rinker, married Sarah Elizabeth Childs.

John Miller, unmarried, died at 29 years of age, buried in Ronaldson's Cemetery, Philadelphia.

Samuel George, unmarried, died of cholera at Hamburg, Germany; he was first mate of a merchant vessel and expected to be made captain on his next voyage.

James, unmarried, died of yellow fever in New Orleans while on a visit to his uncle, James Rinker; buried there.

Catharine Bachman died, aged 24.

Elizabeth Charlotte and Seymour Dodge had two children --

       1. Mary Emma, married William Donnelly (died);__________ Hay (died); __________Harry Hill. 
       2. Almeron, unmarried, died.

Josephine Adelaide and William Myers had seven children --

       1. Henrietta Margaret, unmarried, died.
       2. Lydia Dunbar, unmarried, died.

       3. Eleanor, married Washington Douglass Marker, died.

       4. Henry Pepper, died at 7 years of age.

       5. Catherine, died at 13 years of age.

       6. John, married Adelaide Belding.
       7. Samuel, married Margaret Jane Warren.

Mary Adelaide [Kennedy Gaskill] and Frank Gaskill had one child

       1. Aurelia, died in infancy.

Mary Adelaide [Kennedy Gaskill Beck] and John O. Beck had six children --

1. Edward, died in infancy.

2011-PTR note-more recent research shows that Mary Emma Dodge was married to William Forbes Donnelly; Clarence F Harvey and Franklin A Hill


This page is from John Seitz Beck's book about the Kennedy family. It was written after his retirement in the 1930s. The original manuscript is typed on a 1930s typewriter with 5 carbons!!! It has been transcribed and added to this site by Peggy Tarrant Robinson. The page numbers, done in red correspond with the original page numbers on the 1930s typed copy.

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