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{7} in A Sprig of Lavender (which appears farther on, pp. 232-33), one can readily imagine that the black girls and the mulatto were those in mind.

There are other and various entries in Mr. Kennedy's petty cash books -- there are two such books -- worth using, though to mention all of them would undoubtedly prove tiresome. Taking them in their order, from 1820 to 1865, they tell an interesting story of an unusual generosity. There is never a suggestion of impatience at failure to repay a loan. Interwoven with these cash items are entries concerning intimate family life, such as births, deaths, removals, visitings, even journeys over the seas. Here are a few taken at random.

1820. Dec. 28. Michael Miller, dr.[draft] To cash to buy a horse, $30.
1821. July 25. Samuel P. Todd, purser, dr. To cash lent to pay workmen, navy yard, $500.
Sept. 29. Sergt. Duffy, dr. To cash lent, $20.
Sept. 30. Samuel P. Todd, dr. To cash lent, $380.
1825. June 2. Charles W. Logan dr. To cash lent him to buy a cow, $30.
1827. Jan. 1. Thos. J. Leib, dr. By cash received from the navy agent on half-pay tickets up to this date, $120.
1829. Aug. 5. John Tilly, dr. To 1 gig, $80, on account of his mother.
1840. Aug. 29. Mary Bell, colur'd woman, to cash for camp meeting, $4.
1841. Oct. 4. Mary Bell left my service sick.
Dec. 21. James Harding, dr. To cash for coffin and hearse, $7.
Bethel Church, dr. To cash for interment, $9.50.
Cash for shoes and stockings for Eliza, Mary's child, $1.32.
1855. Cost of omnibus riding from Jan. 1853, to Jan. 1, 1856, $12.
1856. Estimated cost of tobacco from Jan. 1, 1853, to Jan. 1, 1856, $10.
1860. May. Shipped to Mr. Beck, Wilmington, N. C., 1 feather bed, 1 work stand, 1 six-foot table, 1dozen knives and forks, 1 dozen large and 1 dozen small spoons.
1861. May 25. Sent Washington picture to Mary at Pottsville.
1862. May 7. Mary's baby died in Pottsville.
1858. Oct. 16. Two tons of coal, $8.50; putting coal in cellar, 30 cents.
Dec. 15. Samuel for chicken, 25 cents.
1859. Mar. 3. Load of chips from navy yard, 50 cents.
1860. Feb. 11. 2 1/2 bushels of potatoes, $1.38.
Apr. 2. 1 gallon of coal oil, $1.20.
1861. June 1. Samuel left the city with his regiment for Easton, Pa.
Oct. 21. Sent him at Camp Tennally, below Washington, 3 pairs socks, 1 penknife, 2 towels, 1 lb. Smoking tobacco, postage stamps.
Oct. 31. Camp Pierpont, Va., 2 pairs of socks, 2 silk handkerchiefs, 2 pieces tape, 1 pair scissors.
1863. May 7. Frock coat, $16; covering stock, 27 cents.
1865. July 28. 9 yds. muslin for 3 shirts, $4.50; 3 shirt bosoms, $2.25; 3 wristbands, .75; buttons, for shirts, $1.38.
Sept. 12. Making 3 shirts, $3.

In transcribing the above list the tendency on the part of the author, from one cause or another, to be somewhat chronologically careless has cropped out again. Perhaps it


This page is from John Seitz Beck's book about the Kennedy family. It was written after his retirement in the 1930s. The original manuscript is typed on a 1930s typewriter with 5 carbons!!! It has been transcribed and added to this site by Peggy Tarrant Robinson. The page numbers, done in red correspond with the original page numbers on the 1930s typed copy.

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