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Steps to adding a person

Generate a name for the page, and create it

I am somewhat picky about how the pages are named, primarily because I sometimes do page names without having the page created already, and I like the names to be predictable. The format is

LASTNAME, Firstname Middlename (birthyear - deathyear)
                              ^          ^ ^

The last name is in all caps, and the spaces are as shown.

The page name can be created in one of two ways.

Create the page name directly

Figure 1

Use the form shown shown here, which is also found on the the Category:People page, or any of the family pages:

I cut and paste the name and date information from the Genealogy page for that person, as shown in the figure at the right. Click on it for the full sized image. When you have finished adding the name, click on the Create Person Page button. You will be taken to a new page with the form in it. If you have both this page and the genealogy page open, you can cut and paste information from the genealogy page to the Person page.

Create Using a form

You can also use a form to enter the Person's information to create a page name, making sure you follow the conventions noted above.

To do this, click on the link found on the Category:People. It will look like this:

Create a new person page by filling in a form: Create a new person

After you have entered the person's name and years of birth and death, click on the Save Page button. You will be taken to a new page with a blank information box. Press the edit with form tab at the top of the page and remove everything in the Free Text box.

Edit the page, adding the GaussId

Figure 2
Enter as much information as you have. Adding information for the Information box is easiest if you have two windows open, one with the wiki page and the other with the genealogy page for the person. Help for specific fields:
  • Image. If you have uploaded an image of the person to the wiki, include the full page name of the image here; the default image will be shown if you do not put anything in this field.
  • Family. Choose surnames from the Familes category. If the person's surname is not in that category, choose the most closely related family in the list. If the person is related to more than one family, such as a spouse, separate families with a semi-colon (';'), e.g., "Gauss;Johns".
  • Father. Enter a page name for the father of the person, if you can.
    • If the father is on the wiki, cut and paste the the page name of the father, excluding the namespace ("Person:") part of the page name. This can be found in the appropriate family category or in the People category.
    • If the father is not on the wiki, but you have name, birth and death information for him, try to construct a page name as indicated in the create a person section above. If you do this, if the father eventually does become a part of the wiki, he will automatically be linked.
    • If you have incomplete information on the person, enter as much as you have, trying to follow the page name format.
  • Mother. Enter the page name of the mother of the person. See Father above for details. If you have only the given name, just enter that.
  • Spouse. Enter the page name of the spouse or spouses of the person. See Father above for details. Separate multiple spouses with a semi-colon (';').
  • Sex. Click on the little arrow in the box and choose from the drop-down menu.
  • Date born. Enter the person's birth date in the format dd Mmm yyyy, e.g., "21 Jun 1877". If you have incomplete information, you can enter "Jun 1877", or "1877".
  • Place born. Enter the person's birthplace in the form "City, State", or "Countyname County, State", or "State" or "Country". Spell out the state name. Examples are: "Wauchula, Florida", "St. Charles County, Missouri", "Illinois", "Germany".
  • Date died. Enter the date of the person's death. See Date born for details.
  • Place died. Enter the place the person died. See Place born for details.

Add a link to the page in the genealogy

General procedure:

  • You must be an administrator on the TNG site.
  • Go to the person's wiki page.
  • Copy the entire page name, including the namespace ("Person:")
  • Click on the Person ID link to the genealogy.
  • If the person is already linked, you will see a small yellow icon to the right of his/her name. If they are not linked, there will be a grayed out version of the icon. Click on it.
  • Choose to edit the empty page that appears.
  • Below the Save buttons, you will see some brown buttons. Choose the one that says "#REDIRECT[[]]"
  • Paste the page name between the square brackets, i.e. here. Make sure everything is at the very beginning of the page and all on one line.
  • Save the page.
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