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GAUSS, William Theodore (1851 - 1928)
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Family(s): Gauss,Worthington,Beck
Person ID (Link to genealogy): GED link doc.gif I243
Descendant of C. F. Gauss
Sex: M
Date born: 1 Jul 1851
Born in: Chariton County, Missouri
Date died: 14 Nov 1928
Died in: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Buried in: Bellefontaine Cemetery, St Louis, Missouri


Father: GAUSS, Charles William (1813 - 1879)
Mother: FALLENSTEIN, Aletta Christiane Luise (1813 - 1883)
Spouse(s): WORTHINGTON, Helen (1855 - 1933)
Children(in Wiki):

Fawcett book: GAUSS, William Theodore (1851 - 1928)
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From Bill Fawcett's book:

WILLIAM THEODORE GAUSS was born to Charles W. and L. Aletta Gauss at Charlton, Missouri on July 1, 1851. In 1856 he moved with his family to St. Louis, where he eventually joined his father as a wholesale merchant. W.T. Gauss married Helen Worthington (1855- ) in Pittsfield, Illinois on June 25, 1875. Their children were born in St. Louis [1]: Carl Frederick Gauss (10/19/1878- ), Helen M. Worthington Gauss (4/9/1881- ), William Theodore Gauss, Jr (9/4/1884- ), and Helen Worthington Gauss (7/18/1887-2/8/1889, buried Bellefontaine Cemetery, 4947 W. Florissant, St Louis). In 1889 they moved to Boston, where W.T. Gauss joined the shoe manufacturing firm of Coburn, Gauss & Company. Mining investments broght W.T. Gauss to Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado in 1898, where they continued to reside: 228 N. Cascade Dr (1902), 1925 Wood Ave (1903-?), 2030 N. Cascade Dr (1908-11+), 2026 N. Cascade Dr (1915-29). W.T. Gauss worked as the treasurer/bookkeeper at Elkton Construction M & M Company (1902-03, in the Mining Exchange Building). E.P. Shove, the Secretary of the Company, employed his son, T.W. Gauss, in the firm of Shove, Aldrich & Company (also located in the same Building). By 1909 W.T. Gauss was semi-retired, but involved in mining investments. In late January 1913 W.T. Gauss attended the funeral of his cousin, Robert Gauss, in Denver (Denver Republican 1/20/1913:5). For several years (1916-25), W.T. Gauss was a partner his son in T.W. Gauss & Company Investors (Directories). For many years, W.T. Gauss collected memorabilia associated with his grandfather, Karl Fredrich Gauss. He was a strong supporter of prohibition and Herbert Hoover. William T. Gauss died on November 14, 1928 (1929 Colorado Springs Directory; Colorado Springs Gazette 11/15/1928:1). The next day his funeral was officiated by Rev. Seeley K. Tompkins of the First Congregational Church. W.T. Gauss was taken to Denver for cremation (Colorado Springs Gazette 11/16/1928:2). His widow moved to San Diego, California the next year.[2]


From A History of the Fawcetts and Related Families in America by William Bloys Fawcett. Used by permission of Dr. Fawcett.

This book was first published in 1996 and some of the information is quite dated. If you find errors or want to add updates, contact me, and I will add notes to the page.

Copyright © 1996, 2007 by William Bloys Fawcett, Jr. All rights reserved. No copies may be made of this document through any electronic, photocopying or other means without permission of the author.

  1. Gauss 1982
  2. William T. Gauss is buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri.

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