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Biographical sketch

REV. EDWARD BROWN McCLUER (D.D.), son of Robert Alexander McCluer and Sophia Ellen Brown, was born in St. Charles, Missouri on December 20, 1854. Edwin joined the Dardenne Presbyterian Church (May 20, 1876), and waFawcetts raised in O'Fallon (Watson 1977:350). Edwin McCluer graduated from Dardenne Academy and then attended Westminster College of Missouri (1874-79) and Union Theological Seminary in Virginia (1879-82). On May 10, 1882 the Montgomery Presbytery licensed him to preach. Rev. Thomas Watson married Edwin McCluer to Cora Bates (8/20/1854- ) on October 3, 1882 at the Dardenne Presbyterian Church (Lewis 1981, Watson 1977:165) or Cheneaux, Missouri (Bates 1914:76). On April 18, 1884, the East Hanover Presbytery ordained Edwin McCluer. Edwin and Cora McCluer moved to Virginia where he was a Presbyterian minister: Falling Springs Church (Lexington Presbytery 1882-83), First Church (1883-84) and Park Avenue churches (1885-1905) in Norfolk, and Bon Air Church (E. Hanover Presbytery 1906-27). In Bon Air they resited in the Hampton-McCluer house (2139 Buford Rd), a two-story frame home built in 1889. E.B. McCluer purchased the house from J.W. Kates, the Confederate head of telegrph systems, who lived there 1892-1906 (O’Dell 1983:29). On June 6, 1901, Hampden-Sydney College awarded him a Doctorate of Divinity (DD). Edwin McCluer was a church officer: moderator of the Synod of Virginia (1906), secretary of Norfolk Presbytery (1899-1905), and Associate Editor of the Presbyterian of the South (1906-15). He co-edited the Central Presbyterian (1906-15). The children of Edwin and Cora McCluer are

  • Betsey Clover McCluer (4/10/1885- , m. Edwin Baugh Pinkerton of Baltimore 12/29/1908 at Bon Air; their daughter:
    • Eleanor Coulson Pinkerton 10/17/1909),
  • Barton Bates McCluer (2/26/1888- ; medical doctor),
  • Ellen “Nellie” Caroline McCluer (8/28/1890- ; teacher),
  • Edward ‘Edwin’ Alexander McCluer Jr. (2/17/1893- ; graduate of Washington & Lee University; top-ten most decorated American soldiers from WW I), and
  • Margaret Virginia McCluer (1/11/1896- ; worked at Medical Library at Richmond VA)(Bates 1914:78; Duncan 1983:113; McClure 1914:147]).

During the last year of his life, E.B. McCluer lived with his family at Lynchburg, but returned several months before his death to Bon Air. Edwin Brown McCluer died at Bon Air, Virginia on April 28, 1929 (Union Theological Seminary Alumnae Directory, 94; Minutes of the Synod of VA 9/1919:448-450; Richmond News Leader 4/29/1929).


From A History of the Fawcetts and Related Families in America by William Bloys Fawcett. Used by permission of Dr. Fawcett.

This book was first published in 1996 and some of the information is quite dated. If you find errors or want to add updates, contact me, and I will add notes to the page.

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