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Biographical sketch

ARTHUR McCLUER, a son of Samuel McCluer and Lucretia Fawcett, was born in a log cabin on February 1 or 2, 1854 near O'Fallon, St. Charles County, Missouri (1900 Census #177/179). He attended Westminister College in Fulton, Missouri (1874-75). Arthur McCluer joined the Dardenne Presbyterian Church on March 11, 1883. He later served as a deacon of the O'Fallon Church (Duncan 1983:113).

Arthur McCluer was married to Rebecca "Nin" Heald (1867-1925) at the Dardenne Presbyterian Church on September 2, 1891 by Rev. S.M. Watson (Lewis 1981, Johnson 1987). She was te sister of Edmonia Heald. Arthur and Rebecca McCluer lived in Dardenne Township between his mother and brother (Oscar). Arthur farmed. They employeed a young (12 years old) African American named Florence Woodson as a servant (1900 Census #177/179).

Arthur was a farmer/sheep rancher living near O'Fallon, Missouri in the early 1900s (Welsh 1960). His farm was five miles south of O'Fallon. His home known as "Harvest Home" was in a 10-room mansion built in 1839 near the Bates- McCluer and Henning Roads, east of Dardenne and south of O'Fallon on the Dardenne Prairie (It was later the home of Elmer Berthold whose parents lived there by 1901 [St. Charles Journal 8/11/1975]). The 20" thick stone walls were built with slave labor. The local women often assembled in front of the huge fireplaces for hat making. His mother and some siblings (Curtis and Henrietta) lived with him at Harvest Home after the death of his father.

Arthur's parents and siblings were among the first members of the Dardenne Presbyterian Church, and later were members of the O'Fallon Presbyterian Church (1901-38) until it dissolved. They participated in the South Dardenne Church (until it dissolved in 1941 [Watson 1977:97]). Arthur McCluer was the treasurer, an elder and trustee of the O'Fallon church (Watson 1977). He was President of the Board of Trustees in 1892 for the Woodlawn Institute in O'Fallon (St. Charles Cosmos 9/5/1963). Arthur attended the 125th anniversary of the Dardenne Church in 1944, with his son Virgil McCluer, Sr.

Arthur and Rebecca's children (baptized at the Dardenne church) are Virgil Campbell McCluer, Lillian Heald McCluer (1892-1896), and Hugh Offatt McCluer (1899-1937). All of them but Hugh were living on Barefield Road in Dardenne Township in 1910 (Census #14/15). Arthur and Virgil McCluer were farmers.

At age 96 Arthur McCluer lived with his son, Virgil C. McCluer, 7 Tunstall Place, Ferguson, Missouri and was a director of the Bank of O'Fallon. Arthur McCluer died at 11:30 p.m. in the DePaul Hospital in St. Louis at age 96 on May 7, 1950. He remained in state at Keithley Parlors, O'Fallon until 1 p.m., Wednesday; and then 2-3 p.m. at the Dardenne Presbyterian Church for services at 3 p.m. They buried him in the Dardenne Presbyterian Church cemetery (St. Charles Cosmos 5/7-10/1950).


From A History of the Fawcetts and Related Families in America by William Bloys Fawcett. Used by permission of Dr. Fawcett.

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