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Biographical sketch

JOSEPH HENRY GAUSS was the twin son born on August 30, 1855 to Charles W. and L. Aletta Gauss at Chariton County, Missouri. On October 23, 1882 he married Annie McElheny Gill (2/15/1850-8/5/1908) in St. Louis. Their children are Esther Gauss (10/20/1883- , missionary to China in 1910s), Henry Fallenstein Gauss (4/21/1885- ), Frank E. Gauss (10/25/1887- ), Paul Gauss (7/6/1889 Odessa MO- ), and Annie Gauss (1/20/1891- , m. Andrew H. Kean). Joseph Gauss attended Union Theological Seminary in Virginia (1880-81). He then studied theology privately, until he was licensed to preach by the Missouri Presbytery on April 7, 1882, and ordained May 10, 1883 in the Lafayette Presbytery. He preached in the Brownsville and Prairie Churches (1883-85) within the same Presbytery. During 1885-87 he was a missionary to the Pernambuco, Brazil.[1] He then returned and served churches in Odessa and Blackburn, Missouri (1887-89). In 1890 he changed his membership to the USA church. Joseph H. Gauss served the South St. Louis (Carondelet) Presbyterian Church (1890-1912). He was awarded a DD by Westminster College of Missouri (1903). Dr. Joseph H. Gauss was the superintendent of the Brookes Bible Institute in St. Louis (1913-41+ [Colorado Springs Gazette 11/15/1928:1]). Joseph H. Gauss authored The Bible's Authority Supported by the Bible's History. On July 30, 1910 he married in St. Louis a second time to Mrs Frederick Townsley (Olive Montgomery), a widow engaged to Louis F. Gauss at the time of his death. The children of Joseph H. Gauss and Olive Montgomery are Janet Lee Gauss (7/18/1912-) and Josephine Henrietta Gauss (7/10/1918-).


  1. His son, Henry Fallenstein Gauss, was born during the family's stay in Brazil.


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