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Individual information

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Household: Gauss, Charles F - St Louis, Missouri
GAUSS, Adele Louisa (1862 - 1948)
Line number: 100-24
Name: Gauss, Ada
Name page: GAUSS, Adele Louisa (1862 - 1948)
Age: 7
Sex: F
Color: W
Profession, occupation or trade: Student
Occupation details: At home
Value of Real Estate:
Value of Personal Estate:
Place of birth,
Naming the State, Territory,
or Country.:
Father of foreign birth: No
Mother of foreign birth No
Married within the year:
If born within the year, state month:
Attended school within the year: Yes
Cannot Read: No
Cannot Read No
Whether deaf and
dumb, blind, insane,
or idiotic.:
Male citizen over 21: No
Male citizen of U.S. 21 or older
whose right to vote denied
on grounds other than crime:
Family(s): Gauss

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