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16 'actor and stage director at many localities, then retired in Zorbig an
d later Dresden'
STAUFENAU, Constantin Wilhelm (I224)
17 'died after an illness of several months'
GAUSS, Anne Durfee (I301)
18 'kidnapped by the Russians in 1945 and fate unknown after that date' . fr
om Carl Friedrich Gauss, Titan of Science.
BOTTGER, Albert (I358)
19 'Professor of gynecology and director of the Women's Clinic at the Univer
sity of Wurzburg. Retired and lives now in Bad
GAUSS, Carl Joseph (I265)
20 'Their son, James, was a merchant with trading operations in Scotland, Me
xico, Missouri, and other places. He married Mary Thom
of Forfar, Scotland. They lived in St. Charles and in the county. Jame
s Glenday died when middle-aged of a cut on his foot which
whas not properly cared for. His children died young. His widow spent t
he latter half of her life in the home of her husband's
niece, Mrs. John Jay Johns. She died, aged 80 years, at St. Joseph's Ho
spital, St. Charles, in the spring of 1899.
GLENDAY, James (I603)
21 "Volume XVII."|||Includes index. Source (S247)
22 "Volume XXX." Source (S246)
23 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ESLY, ?. (I744)
24 Wiki page GAUSS, Eugene Peter Samuel Marius (I19)
25 10 children
MCCLUER, Samuel Campbell (I573)
26 1900 census lists birth date and age at 1865. All other censuses list ag
e consistent with birth date of 1855. As Anna would have been 14 when he
r first child was born if she was born in 1865, and in light of the othe
r censuses, I am putting her birthdate in 1855.
HERMANS, Anna (I253)
27 1st generation known in this country Anapolis Maryland resided in Marylan
d as early as 1675
WORTHINGTON, Capt John (I1440)
28 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MURRAY, G. (I1502)
29 5 children
GARVIN, Margaret (I596)
30 A History of Masonry in Madison County, Kentucky 1812-1913, compiled
and written by Robert R. Burnam, 1914, p. 104.

GEORGE DEJARNETT SIMMONS is descended on both sides from the best pionee
stock. His father, Josiah Phelps Simmons, was a Confederate soldier,
sheriff of Madison County and for years an influential citizen, while hi
mother, Miss Mary Dejarnett, was a granddaughter of Captain James
Dejarnett, a very distinguished pioneer, soldier and Mason of Madison
County. The subject of this sketch was born on his father's farm near
Kirksville January 4, 1874. His early life was spent on the farm. He w
educated at the private school conducted by Milton Elliott in Kirksville
and at Central University. He passed through his sophomore year at the
latter institution. He stopped school to become his father's Chief depu
while sheriff. In this position he served five years. In 1899 he forme
d a
partnership under the firm name of Douglass & Simmons and has since
continued conducting a successful hardware business. He was made a Maso
July, 1896. Exalted a Royal Arch Mason January, 1899. Knighted June,
1899. Elected Master December, 1910. Elected Commander of Richmond
Commandery April, 1914. He is also a member of the Oleka Temple. He is
interested in all that appertains to the advancement of his Lodge, his
church and his State. A useful citizen. He married Miss Jeanette Frost
of Lexington, Ky.

Simmons Dejarnett Elliott Douglass Frost
SIMMONS, George Dejarnett (I1164)
31 A Quaker
STABLER, Susan (I633)
32 A SHORT HISTORY OF MY LIFE January 1st, 1874.
Here begins another story in the Journey of Life. Here I would rais
e a memorial, and say hitherto hath the Lord blessed me.
I desire here to statesomefacts that may be of interest to my children a
bout myself. I was born in Buckingham County, State of
Virginia, on the 24th of June, 1818. My Father was Glover Johns and m
y Mother, Martha Jones. My Grandparents on both sides
lived in the same part of Virginia. My Father was a Planter all of hi
s life. He commenced life poor, but by industry acquired
considerable property for that poor country. In person he waslarge an
d had Considerable energy and strong common sense. He had
great integrity of character byt made no pretension of religion. He wa
s an amiable man andindulgent tohis children and servents.
My Morhter was said to be a very pretty woman, when young. She was ver
y domestic and industrious in habits. She was of medium
height and inclined to be fleshy. She died when I was only about ten o
f age, in 1829. She was then about 43 yearsold. She was a
member of the Babtist Church and died a very happy death. There were fi
ve children of us. One died in infancy. Of the four who
survived, three were boys and only one daughter. The oldest was Frederi
ck, the next Alfred and then our sister Mary Elizabeth,
and I the youngest. My brothers and sister were well educated for tha
t day. My brother Alfred studied law and went to Mary and
Williams College. My oldest brother Frederick was never married and ha
d a delicate constitution, died of consumption
inMississippi in 1842 at the age of 36. He was man of great decision an
d purity of character. He was a very pious man and an
elder in the Presbyterian Church for many years. My Father sold his lan
d in Virginia and removed to the state of Tennessee in
1831. He had then about 70 negro slaves. He settled in the neighborhoo
d of Nashville, Tenn., and remained there two years.
JOHNS, John Jay (I28)
33 abea dacb a HUNTER, Jeffrey Clyde (I8811)
34 According to Chambless Chronicles.
CHAMBLESS, Thomas (I1085)
35 according to F. Johns 1961-11-1905. She thinks his father may be James M
inor Tuff
TUTT, James Warren (I1460)
36 Admitted to the Colorado 29 Sep 1879, Lake County, CO
ORRICK, Willoughby Lane Webb (I1637)
37 ALBERT F. GAUSS was born on December 2, 1862 in St. Charles, Missouri t
o Eugene Gauss and Henrietta Fawcett. He lived with them
(1882) while keeping books for Gauss & Son (Letter V Fawcett to L Fawcet
t 5/25/1882). In 1892 Albert Gauss came to San Antonio,
Texas as a book keeper for his relative, Arthur C. Johns--whose partners
hip with Charles H. Gauss in the lumber and building
business had just dissolved. Albert Gauss returned to his parents home n
ear Columbia, Missouri to celebrate their 50th wedding
anniversary in mid-February 1894 (Letter H Gauss to L Fawcett 2/28/1894)
. Albert lived in the Mackey Block (1892-93), and Alamo
Flats (325 Alamo Plaza; 1894-95), before he married Josephine Harrison i
n about 1899. Albert worked as a book keeper for Vaughn
Lumber Company (1894-95). They lived for a year at 910 Avenue B, while s
he worked as a clerk at Western Union Telephone Company
(1899-1900) and he as an independent book keeper. By 1901 they moved t
o Waco. No children were born to them. Later, he lived at
214 N. Olive, Los Angeles, California (1909-27 [Gauss 1982; Denver Repub
lican 1/20/1913:5]).
GAUSS, Albert Fawcett (I236)
38 Allen, like his father, John Cromwell Orrick was an attorney, practicin
g in St. Louis, Missouri.

2007 Page 3
The Campbell House recently received the
donation of a sterling silver pitcher that Hugh
Campbell had given as a gift.
The pitcher was a wedding gift from Hugh to
Christine Orrick and William Fordyce in 1902.
ChristineÕs brother, Allen Cromwell Orrick, was
Hugh CampbellÕs attorney from 1897 to 1931.
Allen OrrickÕs father, John C. Orrick, also
practiced law in St. Louis.
The pitcher dates from the 1870s, indicating
that it may originally have been a piece of
Campbell family silver.
The pitcher was donated by Elizabeth Russe
Fordyce, Christine and WilliamÕs daughter-inlaw,
and can be seen on display in the Museum's
ORRICK, Allen Cromwell (I1646)
39 AMIE ESTER GAUSS was born on May 5, 1871 at St. Louis, Missouri to Osca
r W. Gauss and Esther Gill. She lived with her parents in
Missouri: Cape Girardeau (ca. 1873), Boonesville (1877-87), Jefferson C
ity (1887), and Kansas City (1901-07), and finally
Greeley, Colorado (She is not listed with her family in the 1907 Greele
y Directory). She died in July 1908. No obituary has been
located, and she was probably cremated like other members of her family
GAUSS, Aimee Esther (I1051)
40 AMIE ESTER GAUSS was born on May 5, 1871 at St. Louis, Missouri to Oscar W. Gauss and Esther Gill. She lived with her parents in Missouri: Cape Girardeau (ca. 1873), Boonesville (1877-87), Jefferson City (1887), and Kansas City (1901-07), and finally Greeley, Colorado (She is not listed with her family in the 1907 Greeley Directory). She died in July 1908. No obituary has been located, and she was probably cremated like other members of her family. GAUSS, Aimee Esther (I1051)
41 Ann Durfee Gauss and her sister Minna Waldeck Gauss Reeves collected man
y family papers, letters, and did geneological
investigations on the families: Gauss, Johns, Fawcett, Lindsey, Glenday
, Durfee, Borden...

Newspaper article:
Miss Ann Durfee Gauss, at the home of her mother, Mrs. C. H. Gauss, at S
t. Charles, MO., on April 25, 1932, after an illness of
several months. She had been a faithful member of the church for many y
ears, and her life was crowned with the Christian graces.
Interment was in Oak Grove Cemetary, St. Charles.
GAUSS, Anne Durfee (I301)
42 Ann Etta Simmons
BAKER, Susan (I1023)
43 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WILLIS, J. (I1022)
44 Ann Etta Simmons
WILLIS, Nancy (I1021)
45 Ann Etta Simmons
ARNOLD, John (I1020)
46 Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950, lists a Percy W. Johns dying in Pulask
i County.
JOHNS, Percy Walker (I1396)
47 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SIMMONS, M. (I1129)
48 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. JONES, J.W. (I718)
49 Aunt Minna's notes:
Also from Winston's papers. Letter to J.J.J.(John Jay Johns) from Mrs T
. P. Rice.
J.J.J.'s great-great grandfather and mother came from Wales to Va. The
y were well off but according to Mrs. Rice they ate bacon
and greens for supper (These were the Jones ancestors) Their son John m
arried Elizabeth Walker.
JONES, Martha (I713)
50 Aunt Minna(?) writes:
John Johns and Elizabeth (Winston) lived at New Store, Buckingham Co., V

and then:
Mrs. Parrish with whom Anne corresponded has some old silver marked John
s that her grandmother inherited from her Uncle, Hobson
Johns. Also beaded bag of Elizabeth Winston and jewel box of Martha Joh
She said that John Johns was three times married. His first wife was Mi
ss Gorden. His second wife was Polly Elizabeth Winston.
His third wife was the widow of Judge Manley.

and again:
According to information I got from papers left there by Winston Johns
, John Johns(b. 1746-d.1822), married Elizabeth Winston
and later a Glover, who was the widow of Judge Manley. (but then why i
s one of Elizabeth's sons named Glover ??? --sdc)

and yet again:
Also, though there is no proof, the Johns family came to Va. in 1660, an
ne commented that plenty of people came in that year of
the restoration of Charles II.
In a letter that Grandpa Johns (J.J.J.??) wrote to a relative, Mrs. Mar
y Rice of Huntsville, Ala., he speaks of his Grandmother
Johns, 'who was a Glover.' However in Winston's paper, I found that 'Jo
hn Johns b. 1746-d.1821 married Elizabeth Winston in 1765.
Since she was living at the time of Glover Johns' birth in 1769, she mus
t have been the one of the 3 wives who was his mother.
If, as is stated, John Johns married a Glover afterward, why name a so
n of Elizabeth Winston Glover? Ann must have seen these
notes in the Johns history and did not mention the difference in the rec

Grandpa Johns, in a letter to Mrs. Rice, said that his uncle, John Johns
, married Polly Winston, daughter of Judge Winston. Is
this a mistake or is this another Polly Winston. He said in this lette
r that he knew Edmund Winston very well and also Tom
Winston. Also he saw Isaac when he was boy in Va. He spoke of his fier
ce black crossed eyes!
JOHNS, John (I719)

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